A Jason Momoa Fight & Flying & Prince? | Angry Bill Clinton & Matthew McConaughey

Dream 1

This dream possibly started at a college and college dorm where I met some of my former classmates like my former male classmate DH, MT, JB, and maybe JC.

It was evening or night, I remember us meeting up at maybe a college dorm, and then we left in my automobile hoping to go to a restaurant and / or movie theater and / or somewhere else to hang out and have some fun before all those places close for the night.

I remember driving through the fictional city that we were in as we talked, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

In this dream I was walking through a multi-story mall-like building when I saw a fight start on the second floor overlooking the first floor that I was on, and it seemed that one of my former classmates and Jason Momoa started arguing and then fighting among a large group of people.

Some more of my former classmates were up there in the crowd, they probably joined the fight, and some people with Mr. Momoa joined the fight; and so a huge fight started and spread among the crowd.

I kept walking until I was outside instead of heading to the second floor where the fighting was spreading from, I avoided the chaos, as I walked through the parking lot and along sidewalks by houses in a neighborhood I heard police sirens; and I heard and maybe saw signs of the violence spreading around the city.

Somehow other people were starting to fight almost randomly it seemed, violence started spreading, and it was evening or night.

Something strange happened where I saw my mom in a truck or I saw her get in a truck that I did not recognize, for some reason she was trying to get the police to chase her it seemed, and she drove off in the truck that was possibly not hers as police chased her in their police cars.

Somehow I ended up flying, maybe I was trying to find where my mom went so that I could help her and figure out what was going on, and I remember flying over one of the streets next to The D High School so the dream started to look like the city of D now instead of a fictional city like previously.

My former male classmate MP (Big Jolly) was guarding the street by the high school as I flew over this area, but I kept flying without stopping to talk to him; but I possibly greeted him as I flew over the area.

I can not remember which flying technique I used or how I started flying, I do know that I was flying pretty easily, and when I flew over my parents yard I saw some of my former classmates having a party in my parents yard oddly.

I kept flying instead of landing to join the party, and as I was flying over the street that leading to The C Elementary School I heard someone listening to maybe the song Kiss by Prince & The Revolution as they walked along the street.

I possibly landed to walk along the street as well, but I can not remember.

I saw something even weirder ahead of us, I think that I saw Prince or a Prince-like man laying on the street dancing provocatively to maybe the song Kiss (the same song that the person walking was listening to), and then I woke up as I walked or flew by this confused by what I was seeing and hearing.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day at maybe a fairground during maybe a fair, there were various people there, and Bill Clinton was there being interviewed.

During the interview Mr. Clinton got angry at an author who was possibly mentioned by the interviewer or maybe the interviewer was an author, I can not remember which, and I am not sure what exactly about that author made Mr. Clinton angry.

The dream then jumped to a fictional movie whose main theme seemed to be about race, and Matthew McConaughey was playing the role of a father who had an adult daughter who who was dating a man with dark-color skin (who in this movie was considered African American / Black).

I guess the movie was going to be about Mr. McConaughey’s character’s reaction to his daughter’s new boyfriend, but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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