A Device Gets Installed On My Back?

I did not record my other dreams so I forgot them, and so now I can only barely remember part of my last dream.

In the dream I went to sleep either at home or work, I say that I went to sleep, but I possibly got put to sleep without my knowledge or permission or after I went to sleep someone possibly sedated me without my knowledge or my permission to stop me from waking up.

Either way, I woke up in bed at home still in the dream, and I woke up to find that a device had been installed on / in the middle of my upper back without my knowledge or consent; and I am not sure if it was also connected to my spine or not.

The device was possibly square-shaped, it possibly had a screen but I can not remember because I could not get a good look at it since it was on / in my back, and it could play audio; but I am not sure if it could play video or not.

At least two recordings were on the device, I am not sure if they were videos or just audio files, I listened to the first recording, but I can not remember what it was about.

The last place that I remember being before I went to sleep or got put to sleep was that I was at work at my job, I am not sure where I worked or what my job was in this dream, but I do know that it was not The BP Library or my job there; and so I had a fictional job at a fictional work place.

I assumed that this was done to me at work and / or by someone from work, and so I went back to my fictional job to find out.

I went to my fictional boss or supervisor or manager who was a man with light-color skin with maybe dark-color hair, I told him about my situation, and to my surprise he admitted that he gave the order for someone to install the device on / in my back.

I was shocked, confused, and angry about this so I asked him questions about this while arguing with him about how they had no right to do this to me without my knowledge or consent.

He did not answer most of my questions so I did not know why or what the device was et cetera, instead he defended his decision, and he argued back like I was in the one in the wrong here which annoyed me even more.

I woke up as I continued to argue with him.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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