My Grandfather CE & A Party Attack | A John Bel Edwards Speech

Dream 1

At some point in this dream I went inside a house that was where my aunt JE’s house should be, before this the outside looked like the yard of The BP School Board Computer Department, but magically this changed without me noticing.

As I walked around the house exploring, at some point I realized that I was not wearing my cloth face mask, eventually I saw a family inside the house, and so I left the house when I realized that someone lived there.

I walked to an alley that had steps, along this alley was one or more buildings, and there was a door that led into a house or two houses where my family and / or my grandfather CE lived.

I walked inside toward maybe a family room where I saw my grandfather CE sitting down eating some cheap Oreo-like cookies that were probably in a four-pack, and he let me have the last one; and it tasted too sweet.

I did not remember that my grandfather CE had died years ago, in this dream is was like he had never died, and so seeing him was normal.

My grandfather CE then went to open another four-pack of Oreo-like cookies even though I told him that was not a good idea, and that they were too sweet for me to eat the rest if he could not finish the whole pack.

My brother GC entered the room, my grandfather CE ate one of the cookies, and he gave me the rest of the pack.

I ate one of the cookies that had a thin fudge layer, I gave the rest of the cookies to GC, and I briefly talked with them before leaving.

I then walked outside during the day to where my parents real house is, I walked past the fence of the back yard of The E House as maybe my uncle WC’s children (my cousins) and his daughters-in-law and their friends / girlfriends / boyfriends who mostly had light-color skin had a party.

I reached my parents yard and my brother GC was there, which makes no sense because he was with my grandfather CE at the other house when I left, and then I saw several automobiles full of rough-looking people with light-color skin with guns drive up and park outside the back gate of The E House where the party was going on.

It looked like they were about to attack the party, to me they seemed like maybe some kind of racist group who probably knew some of the people at the party, and maybe they decided to target them and the party.

I remember one of them having a long beard and he had a sleeveless shirt and he was wearing shades, most of them dressed like they were from the countryside or something, and a woman with blond hair who probably also had shades and a sleeveless shirt was with him; and they all had guns out and ready.

I yelled to warn GC, I ran and I grabbed a BB gun (which was the only ranged weapon that we had nearby) so that I could help my family members and the others at the party, and I heard the attackers saying something right before they started their attack on the party.

But then I saw the attackers fleeing shortly after they started their attack because I assumed that some of the people at the party probably also had guns and were able to defend themselves fortunately.

I shot my BB gun at one of their automobiles as they fled, the BB hit the automobile, but it was too weak to damage it.

We did not get their license plate numbers, but I remembered that the man with the beard and the woman were driving a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee-like automobile.

I talked to those at the party, no one was hurt fortunately, and as we waited for the police to arrive I helped someone at the party try to install a new automobile battery; but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside a dimly lit auditorium, I was sitting in the seating area a couple of rows up near the entrance with some other people, and The Governor Of Louisiana John Bel Edwards was giving a speech in the middle of the room.

During the speech Governor Edwards mentioned a woman he knew who had died recently, and he got a bit emotional as he talked about her.

After his speech Governor Edwards sat down near where he had given his speech, not too far away from him was a somewhat older man with light-color skin wearing a black robe who was maybe a judge or priest, but oddly I saw no security even close to them.

Governor Edwards let people in the audience ask him questions, the first person to ask him a question was a woman with light-color skin who asked him a question about the woman who had died, but he did not answer her question like he was still too emotional to talk about it.

At some point I saw my former female classmate LJ walking from the crowd toward Governor Edwards like maybe she wanted to give him a hug or something because he was sad, but the man in the black rob blocked her path aggressively without saying anything to her as some male police officers with light and dark-color skin ran at her.

The police officers tackled LJ to the ground aggressively without saying anything, they were acting like she was a threat even though it did not seem like it, and they started to handcuff and arrest her as some of us in the crowd complained.

LJ looked like she either fainted or got knocked unconscious, and the police dragged her with her face dragging against the ground face first as she seemed to be unconscious as her head / face bounced on the ground as they dragged her.

I complained to the police officers about this, the police officer with dark-color skin looked at me like something was wrong with me, and he responded like he had no empathy at all for LJ.

He did not seem to see a problem with dragging an unconscious woman face first on the ground like that who had been tackled and arrested for simply walking toward someone.

I reminded him that dragging her like this was also dangerous, I pointed to my head where I have a big scar from a handstand push-up / handstand accident from last year 😀 , this somewhat got his attention; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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