Aftershave & HTML Tags | An Unstable Woman? & DE’s Baby Sister

Dream 1

In this dream I was going to make a video about aftershaves and HTML tags, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I am not sure if this was two different dreams or one dream with two mostly unconnected parts, the first part took place inside what looked like a bedroom, and I assume that it was night because I was trying to sleep.

There was a bed on the left side of the room and another bed on the right side of the room, I had the bed on the left, and a fictional unknown woman with light-color skin had the bed on the right.

The woman seemed mentally unstable, I tried to calm her down and to try to get her to go to sleep, and eventually I fell asleep.

I woke up still in the dream shortly later and the woman started telling me about some weird things that she allegedly saw, she had not fallen asleep yet all this time, and she said that she saw several clouds float over my sleeping body and that what looked like blood fell from the clouds on me and my bed while I was asleep.

My supervisor Ms. JR and another person overheard the woman telling me this as they entered the room, I greeted them, and I started asking the woman questions about what she saw.

I tried to keep an open mind but to us it sounded like she had probably hallucinated this, she seemed even more unstable, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream involved me entering another bedroom-like room that seemed to be a fictional larger version of the family room at The E House combined with the bedroom that is next to it, it was night and a storm seemed to be on its way, and some of my family members and family were in the room along with my former male classmate BH.

My mom, my aunt JE, my male cousin DE, a fictional baby girl who was JE’s fictional daughter / DE’s fictional sister / my cousin, and several other people were there.

Oddly there was a bathtub full of water next to the window facing the street, and at some point I remember holding my fictional baby cousin.

While I was holding the baby I heard a sound like the window by bathtub was open or something, and so I walked over there to see.

It did not look like it was open when I first glanced at it, but BH was able to walk through the window screen without breaking it somehow to reach the outside.

I checked the window screen to see that it was bent, that is how he had gotten through, and so I removed the windows screen to let him back inside; and then I put the window screen back in place, and the storm started shortly after this.

I noticed that the baby did not have a diaper on and it looked like she was about to use the bathroom, and so I walked to the bathtub to hold her over it in case she uses the bathroom.

The baby made a sound and face like she was about to defecate, oddly she did the splits in the air, and then she defecated a bit of feces into the bathtub below.

I then was going to give her a bath, I slowly moved her toward the water with her toes barely touching it when she started crying like the water was hot so I pulled her away from the water, and I touched the water and it was indeed hot to my surprise.

I apologized to the baby as I poured some cold water on her toes, and then she stopped crying; and I told the others what had happened.

DE walked over, I noticed that he had some kind of skin fungus or strange skin growth or skin flakes on maybe his neck, and so I told him.

DE wanted me to touch the area so that he would know where it was exactly, and so I grabbed a piece of toilet paper to touch it with that instead of my hands.

I noticed that DE smelled bad as I got closer, I touched the spot with the toilet tissue, and then I gave him the toilet tissue so that he could touch the area and maybe see if it would peel off or something.

I then walked over to my aunt JE and my mom to give them the baby so that they could give her a bath and put her diaper on, and then I woke up as the storm probably got worse.

The end,

-John Jr

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