Taste Testing | Gangs & Praxis & Police & A Ritual?

Dream 1

In this dream I was inside maybe a small back room inside a restaurant sitting at a small table with a male Gordon Ramsay-like chef with light-color skin or maybe it was him, and he was there to taste test some food.

Someone brought him a plate of some food that had a whole stuffed silver-color fish that looked raw or barely cooked, a piece of pie (maybe banana cheesecake), and I can not remember if there was anything else.

I remember the chef complaining that the fish was not hot enough and that part of the stuffing had a nice sweet and spicy flavor but the rest did not, and so he wanted them to fix this and cook it some more.

He told them to cook a new stuffed fish, instead of throwing away his food I asked the waiter to please heat or cook it some more, and bring it back so that I could eat it.

While we waited a woman with light-color skin showed up, I wanted the woman to smell some aftershaves to get her opinions on them because I was trying to figure out which one to get, and I had a gallon bottle of Stephan Bay Rum Aftershave for her to test.

I started to tell her about the various aftershaves and my current thoughts on them and about the other aftershaves that I wanted to test out, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream started in a slightly fictional version of the city of D on Eastside, groups of unknown men with mostly medium-to-dark color skin (some had light-color skin) started to appear in the neighborhood, and they started an increase in crime.

Most of them seemed to be in gangs who were selling drugs, robbing people, attacking people, killing people, fighting with other gangs, et cetera.

There were shootings and small gang battles taking place regularly, at some point I was on my way back home when I saw my mom talking to my former male classmate LT on the street near where the abandoned house of the parents of Mr. ST is, and I stopped to see what was going on because some gang members were in this area and I wanted to make sure that my mom was okay.

Some gang members from rival gangs showed up, a confrontation started between them, maybe LT was with one of the gangs, and somehow I got thrown into this even though I had nothing to do with it.

I got my mom out of there but some gang members were after me when the shooting started, and so I had to run or drive away from the neighborhood to avoid them.

I had my mom leave to somewhere safe, and I ended up going to hide at a fictional apartment or hotel across the city.

I am not sure if this is another dream or not, but I remember riding a motorcycle through a fictional version of the city of L on my way back home.

I heard on the radio and / or in my false memories that the government / police / et cetera were worried about and were after a group that was possibly called Praxis, I assumed that it was like or was the group Praxis from the TV show The Order (Season 2), but I am not sure.

At some point I saw a bunch of police vehicles driving by with their sirens on, there was an eighteen-wheeler in front of me, and a male police officer with light-color skin pulled me over for no clear reason.

I parked on the side of the road on the grass, the police officer started yelling and cursing at me to get on the ground and put my hands up, and so I sat on the ground with my back facing him with my hands in the air.

The police officer walked over to me with his pistol pointed in my face still cursing and yelling and taunting and threatening me like he was pumped up on his own power, adrenaline, hate, et cetera.

I sat there as calm as I could with my hands still up as I tried to control my breathing to stay calm with a pistol in my face with the police officer possibly literally foaming at the mouth wanting to shoot me for no reason.

He was not handcuffing me, he did not say why he stopped me, he did not say that I was under arrest, and he just kept torturing / bullying me like he wanted me to react so that he could shoot me or something; but I did not take the bait, and I sat there looking straight ahead with my hands in the air trying to stay calm.

It was day and people were driving by, he did not care, and no one else did it seemed.

I let him know that I was unarmed, that I did nothing wrong, and that he should arrest me and take me to the police station if he thought that I was guilty of something and / or that he should call this in and have someone else come handle this.

This police officer was terrible and he was enjoying himself as he continued to laugh and smile as he continued to taunt and threatened me at gunpoint.

The next thing that I remember is weird and unclear whether it was connected with this part of the dream or not, I just remember a woman with light-color skin and her adult daughter showing up, and the daughter had two tattoos.

If the police officer was there then he was with the mother, a few other people (probably some more police and some other people) showed up, and they all seemed to be in some kind of secret society (maybe Praxis).

They wanted to do a ritual where the daughter and I would have sex with the hope that she would get pregnant with a special child who would have special abilities, and they were going to use this child to achieve whatever the goals were of their secret society or whatever.

I also had a tattoo (I am not sure where though), there was something special about the daughter and me and our tattoos, we were the combination that they needed to make their special child, and when brought together with our tattoos in alignment they were supposed to glow and I guess activate some kind of powers that would pass on to our child if the pregnancy was a success.

The daughter had maybe a black tattoo that was a line that went down the middle of the front of her body on her stomach possibly connecting to a second tattoo that was a circle over her groin area, they were aligned with each other, and I guess once my tattoo was brought in alignment with hers it would probably represent a penis going into a vagina and maybe the powers moving up to the womb where the baby would be.

This was all crazy nonsense to me, the tattoos possibly started to glow as they moved us closer, and I wondered how I was going to get out of this crazy situation.

The daughter did not want to be part of this either, but they were trying to force us at gunpoint.

I did not know what their goals were, but I knew that they were not good; and that I did not want these people having any kind of powers, that I did not want them to force us to have sex, and that I did not want them stealing our possible future baby to use for their evil probably worldwide plans.

I wanted to fight back but I was afraid that the daughter would possibly be killed in the process, I was not sure if I could use these alleged powers that seemed to be activating now that we were close enough to each other, and I was not sure what they were; but I hoped to use them to get us out of this situation safely, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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