Medical Offices And Hunting Trophies

This dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the city of D, and I drove to a fictional multi-story multi-purpose building that was located on the left side of the highway before you get to The BB’s Grocery Store.

The ground floor was a medical area that probably had several doctor, eye doctor, and dentist offices / clinics along with an urgent care clinic; and I had false memories / maybe memories of a past dream of one of the upper floors containing some offices where several state employees worked.

I was there to maybe find one of the doctor’s offices to either get signed up and / or for an appointment, I drove around trying to figure out which entrance to use, and trying to figure out which part of the building had the doctor’s office that I was looking for.

I had false memories / maybe memories of past dreams of having been to and seen several of the different medical offices, but I could not remember where was the one that I was looking for now.

Eventually I parked, I went inside, and I walked around the waiting rooms et cetera trying to find it; and I probably asked one or more people, but then I realized that I was not wearing my cloth face mask.

I decided to go back outside to my automobile to get my face mask, I remember pushing a chair or shopping cart or something until I got to the exit, and I left it there as I went outside to get my mask.

I can not remember if I got my mask or not, I just remember my mom showing up, and I remember us talking about some of the false / past memories that I had of this building.

I remember us talking about how in the past we went to the upper floor where the state employees worked to find a male state worker who we wanted to talk to about something, and that floor was nicely decorated with many pictures and statues and even hunting trophies (dead preserved non-human animals or animal body parts that were hunted).

The walls and ceiling were tall on this floor with nice looking wood molding, decorations and various types of art were around the floor, and so it had an official government building feel with a Louisiana style to it.

After we left outside we found some stray kittens outside on the ground near the steps.

The kittens had many fleas, and I ended up bringing one of the kittens home.

That kitten ended up growing up to be an adult cat who had several kittens, and now some of her offspring were still alive in the current timeline of the dream.

We decided to go to that upper floor to see it again, we got there but most of the employees were not there, and it was still decorated with a lot of stuff like we had remembered.

Somehow an alarm got triggered in the building as we were leaving, but I woke up shortly after this.

The end,

-John Jr

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