An Invitation & A Superintendent & Kelly Ripa & Marilyn Manson – The Dope Show

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and a fictional overweight or obese young man with light-color skin who my family knew had sent me an invitation so I drove to the location.

I parked my automobile not far from what seemed to be a fictional version of the central office of The BP School Board, and I saw the male Superintendent who was a somewhat older man with light-color skin sitting by a window in his office kissing a woman with light-color skin who probably was not his wife.

As I was walking toward a small building nearby I thought about taking a photograph of them kissing as evidence, but I decided not to.

I then walked into a building on the left to find the area where the young man had invited me to, and I found him in a classroom / bedroom-like room with what seemed to be other students like he was still in high school unless this was college.

I guess the teacher was not teaching at this time because he was playing video games, I greeted him, he wanted me to play video games with him, and so I started playing video games with him.

At some point we got interrupted, maybe his teacher was ready to start the class, and then I ended up at my parents house.

Some of my family was there, my brother GC was in the bathroom, and Kelly Ripa showed up.

Ms. Ripa knew my family and I and even the young man from earlier, I told her about how the young man had invited me to play video games with him, and she said that he has invited her to play video games before in the past as well.

Ms. Ripa started telling me about some of the video games that they had played, and I told her about the video games that we had played.

After that she knocked on the bathroom door, my brother GC was still inside the bathroom, and he thought that one of our other brothers were the ones knocking on the door and talking with a fake female voice; and so I knocked on the door to let GC know that we had a visitor, and that was who had knocked on the door.

I did not tell GC that our visitor was Ms. Ripa, but then I woke up with the song The Dope Show by Marilyn Manson on my mind probably because that was one of the songs / music videos that I saw last night when I saw it randomly on YouTube in the up next list.

The end,

-John Jr

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