No Face Mask & My Tongue Stabilizing Device & A School Bus

There was more to this dream, but I forgot some of the details, I do know that the dream took place during the day, and that I was traveling around to different places by automobile.

At some point I went inside a restaurant to get some food, I waited in line, and as I was leaving two tall male employees (one with medium-color skin and the other with dark-color skin) approached me to ask me about my tongue stabilizing device (TSD) (which I use to stop myself from snoring) that I did not realize that I was wearing.

What is a tongue retaining device for sleep apnea? – Dr. Susan M. Welch

I took out my tongue stabilizing device so that I could talk to them, I then saw that it was torn, and then I realized that I was not wearing my cloth face mask and that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on.

I apologized for not having my cloth face mask on, and I was going to try to find it once I got back in my automobile.

I remembered having my cloth face mask on earlier in the dream, and so I wondered why was I not wearing it now and why I had my tongue stabilizing device instead and how did it get torn.

I briefly talked to the two male employees about my tongue stabilizing device, and how it was cheap and effective for preventing snoring, et cetera.

I then left the restaurant, I probably found and put on my cloth face mask (I possibly had a fictional Old Navy cloth face mask), and I possibly drove to a slightly fictional version of the city of D if I was not already there.

Something strange happened that I can not remember while I was driving by The BP Library, later in the dream the next thing that I remember is parking on a raised area across the street from the library, and my female coworker JB happened to be parking her automobile across the street from me on the raised area on the opposite side of the street.

I stayed in my automobile and I waved at JB to greet her, she stayed in her automobile, and we rolled down our windows so that we could talk to each other from our automobiles; and we had to talk somewhat loudly because we were on opposite sides of the street.

While we were talking, I remember that a school bus almost got in a wreck or something, so they parked near me.

The bus driver and the students on the bus got off to walk into maybe a tent-like structure to the left of me.

JB got out of her automobile to walk across the street to see if they were okay, and I got out of my automobile to check on them too.

I walked inside the tent-like structure to talk with them, JB was talking with some of them outside, and when I walked back outside I did not see JB anymore; and I was not sure if she had left or if she was in another area.

I walked back inside the tent-like area to continue talking with the others, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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