Strange Things Happening | Fake Cures?

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the evening or night at a fictional version of my parents yard and house that seemed to be combined with another building or it was impossibly larger inside than it looked on the outside.

I was outside near the back door when a group of maybe students of different ages and some adults including Bennett The Sage showed up, and then I saw my former male classmate MT and some of his friends returning by helicopter from somewhere.

As they were flying over the street that The E House is on near the house to the left across the street from The E House, their helicopter sounded like it crashed as they were trying to land, but we could not see from where we were.

Before we could really react from our shock we heard and saw a white and red medical helicopter flying over the area, we heard them making an emergency call about MT’s helicopter crash, but then their helicopter crashed too.

In both cases the crashes happened for no clear reason like something strange was going on, the clouds started moving maybe impossibly fast while changing to a dark blue color like a storm was forming, and maybe I noticed and felt some other strange things happening.

I knew something strange was going on and I sensed danger, I yelled for the others to get inside my parents house now, and I told them that they could stay until we figured out what was going on and when it was safe enough.

Some of the students took their time, I told them to hurry up because I sensed danger from the storm especially, and a blue rain drop or liquid fell on the forehead of a female student with light-color skin; and it started to burn her skin and smoke a bit like acid rain or something, and I yelled for her and the others to get inside now so they did.

Once safely inside I locked the door, and I led the others to a large fictional version of our living room that was partly like a cave / room with a tall ceiling and some open upper areas.

Some TVs, video game consoles, my computers, and some couches were in the upper areas; and so I let them sit there, play video games, watch TV, and use the computers except for my main computer.

At some point I walked to another area that seemed like an old apartment or hotel that was connected to our house, there were hallways and various open rooms with two doors connecting some rooms to the hallways, and I saw a very short deformed creepy old female entity or woman being chased by a man.

The female entity or old woman was smiling and laughing like this was fun to her, like they were playing tag or something, and it was very strange and creepy.

One or more other people were around, I stopped to talk with them, but I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day in my parents yard, I was in the yard, and some men with light-color skin showed up.

The one or two of the men had some kind of business where they sold alleged medical cures, and I remember watching and helping them a bit as I tried to see if they were con artists or not and if their alleged cures worked or not.

The main man over the business had black hair with a moustache, he was overweight, and he looked a bit like a live action Mario who wore regular clothes but from an older time period like a snake oil salesman.

At some point a woman with light-color skin showed up for a cure for some kind of medical condition that she had, the men had what looked like an old radio-like device, and they told me that they needed some batteries so I went to collect some that my parents had.

I returned with the batteries and they combined it with the radio-like device and who knows what else, the woman paid, and they administered the alleged cure to her.

I did not see most of the process but two of the men and I were skeptical and thought that this seemed like a scam, and we said so; but the one or two men who owned the business denied that it was a scam exactly.

We wanted proof that the cure had worked, the woman felt that it had worked, but we wanted a doctor to check.

I had the feeling that maybe sometimes the cures worked, like a placebo effect, and that most of the time the customers just assumed that it worked; but I woke up before we could find out.

The end,

-John Jr

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