A Wedding & The Russian Military / Vampires Invade Our Hideout?

I forgot to record this dream until later in the morning so some details are missing, but I do remember that part of the dream took place inside maybe a house; and I was there with my brother GC.

My brother GC got a phone call from our uncle CE that one of our family members, maybe a cousin, was getting married; and they wanted me to make something for the wedding.

The wedding was taking place in another city and maybe state, and uncle CE was going to drive there maybe later in the day.

I can not remember what they wanted me to make, I just know that whatever it was I was able to make it on my computer, and I was going to email or text it to uncle CE.

When I finished making it I told my brother GC, he then told me that uncle CE had incorrectly assumed that I was going to drive to the wedding and bring whatever it was that I had made, and so I told GC that was incorrect; and I told him to call uncle CE to let him know, and that I was going to email or text it to him.

I can not remember what happened after GC called uncle CE, I am not sure if I decided to drive to the wedding or if I just emailed or texted whatever it was to them, and the next thing that I remember is going to a hideout during the day.

The hideout belonged to either a vampire clan or a just a human group that I was part of I assume, it was in a fictional city, and it was in the basement.

The main entrance to the hideout was accessible from inside the building, and we had a somewhat secret second entrance / exit that went directly to the outside that was only reachable by walking down some stairs in the alley near a sidewalk maybe on the back right side of the building.

I was inside the hideout alone at the time when some Russian soldiers and / or vampires attacked from the main entrance inside, they had sneaked into the building and somehow found the entrance, and they had melee weapons.

I assume that they were from a rival vampire clan or human group, and somehow they knew about our hideout.

I fought them alone using hand-to-hand combat and some of the melee weapons that I took from the Russian soldiers and / or vampires that I defeated, for some reason I did not want to kill them, and so I just knocked them out.

I knew the building better than them, I detected their intrusion before they reached the hideout, and that gave me enough time to ambush them.

Somehow they also knew about our somewhat secret secondary entrance / exit on the outside, and so I had to fight the Russian soldiers and / or vampires who were also sneaking down the stairs to enter from that entrance / exit.

Somehow I managed to defeat all of them leaving them unconscious, somehow I knew that they had a Russian military ship or submarine or aircraft carrier at the docks with more Russian soldiers and / or vampires, and so I went there to defeat them too to end the threat before they realized that the others had failed.

I went there alone, I assume because there was not enough time because the others would wake up soon, and I sneaked on the Russian military ship or submarine or aircraft carrier.

They all had guns, AKs and pistols et cetera, and so I had to kill them and use their guns to survive.

It was difficult at first because I was unarmed, then I got a pistol, and once I got an AK things got easier.

I used stealth to survive, they were not expecting an attack, and no warning was sent out during my attack.

I fought my way inside and I went on a killing spree catching most of the Russian soldiers and / or vampires by surprise, but I did have some shootouts though.

The worst massacre was when I sneaked into a part of the ship or submarine where the military firefighters or just normal firefighters were, I caught them by complete surprise, and I killed them all using the AKs and the ammunition from those I killed; some grenades were possibly used, but I can not remember.

When I sneaked into their part of the ship or submarine I saw their firefighting outfits and equipment mounted on the walls, they were probably busy doing something when I caught them by surprise, and they did not stand a chance even though they had me outnumbered greatly.

I felt somewhat bad about that, I did not want to kill anyone, but it had to be done because I was against an entire ship or submarine of Russian soldiers and / or vampires; and it was the only way to make sure that they could not try to attack our hideout et cetera again.

I was a killing machine, maybe I was a vampire or something (I am not sure), but I woke up as I was getting closer to finishing killing everyone on the ship or submarine.

The end,

-John Jr

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