Dreaming About Chromebooks

I had a variety of dreams, semi-daydreams, and thoughts that were all about Chromebooks; it was all that my mind was focused on, and I could not stop the cycle.

The dreams, semi-daydreams, and thoughts involved me and eventually other people testing out Chromebooks trying to decide if they will work well enough as laptop replacements for our patrons at The BP Library.

I was thinking about and testing how to check for updates, how to update, how to reset to factory default settings, how to recover the operating system Chrome OS from a recovery media, how to reset the hardware, is it possible to add more apps to guest mode, et cetera.

In one of the dreams I was at a college, I had a nice modern rectangular shotgun style dorm room with several connected rooms in a small one story college dorm building, and I was once again thinking about and testing a Chromebook.

My dorm seemed to be in a field that students would cross to get to and from another location at the college, I remember seeing a male janitor who looked somewhat like a live action thinner Mario taking a break outside the door of my dorm room, and so I asked him if he would help me test out the Chromebook and give me his opinion of it; and he agreed.

He probably did not get to test the Chromebook for very long and he probably did not have much of an opinion about it, he probably had to get back to work, and so I thanked him.

Eventually I went outside, I met a male college student with light-color skin and his girlfriend with medium-color skin who was also a student, and I asked them if they would help me test out the Chromebook; and they agreed.

This time we were outside as they tested the Chromebook, we were in a nature trail / alley-like area nearby, and I remember taking some photographs as they tested the Chromebook.

The girlfriend was shy and she falsely assumed that she was in my photographs, I was actually only taking photographs of the Chromebook, and so she stopped testing the Chromebook and she stayed out of view of my mobile phone until I managed to explain the situation to the boyfriend and he managed to get her to start testing the Chromebook again.

Unfortunately we never got to come to a conclusion before I woke up, and so I still did not know if Chromebooks would be a good fit for our library patrons or not.

Dream That I Forgot To Post

I recorded this dream on my mobile phone at some point this week, I probably forgot to post it, I am not sure which day I recorded it, and so I will just add it here.

The end of this dream took place at a semi-outdoor restaurant / play area.

I was there when I indirectly met my former male classmate AM as I was leaving, and part of the building was blocking our view of each other mostly.

We talked and laughed without us seeing each other mostly, and we joked about my lack of much hair on my head now-a-days.

At the end of our conversation AM mentioned something that he called The Political Virus, which was COVID-19 I assume, and then our former male classmate BH showed up.

BH joined our conversation, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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