The Outsider (Miniseries)

What is it?

The 2020 American horror crime drama miniseries The Outsider.




My Thoughts

This miniseries surprised me, it was better than I had expected, and my brother GC liked it as well.

We did not like how the camera would often zoom too far out at times, we did not like how the show ended, there were some loose ends, some things were not explained, some of the characters would often mumble and talk too lowly making it harder to understand them, but this was still one of the best mysteries that I have seen since True Detective (Season 1).

This show had a slow pace to it, but the mystery kept my brother GC and I trying to figure things out and curious to see the next episode.

The acting was good, the character interactions were good, the mystery was good, some of the characters were better written than expected, and so this was probably the best miniseries that I have seen this year so far.

The end,

-John Jr

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