Revenge & A Graduation

I can not remember most of this dream, it seemed to be a dream that also contained a continuing movie or series of connected short films, and these scenes would pop up in the dream throughout it.

The scenes told a story throughout the dream, but I can only barely remember part of the last scene.

The scene involved a woman from earlier in the movie or short film series who seemed to be out for revenge, and it seemed that she had entered the current part of the dream that most of my family and I were in.

My family and I arrived outside a fictional high school during the day for a graduation, the woman who I assume was out for revenge had entered the building before we had arrived, and then my family and I went inside the school.

There was a table set up near the entrance where a male high school student with light-color skin with blond hair was sitting as he talked to his friends, and everyone had to show him their ID or driver’s license to make sure that they were on the guest list to attend the high school graduation.

I did not see the woman who had already entered the building before we had arrived, and so I guess she got past him while he was not paying attention or something; and so I was worried about where she was, and what she was going to do.

I feared that the woman was going to attack the graduation or that she was going to at least kill someone who was in or who was attending the graduation.

I woke up as I was showing the student at the table my driver’s license.

The end,

-John Jr

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