Helping Dogs | Getting Slapped In The Back

I had more dreams and there was more to these dreams, but I have forgotten some of my dreams and some of the details of these dreams because I did not record my dreams after I had them.

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day in a fictional version of the area past the train tracks when you drive past the post office in the city of D.

There was a trail / alley with a long ditch-like area with some trees and bushes at the top with a yard and house behind it, in the ditch area was a dog who was chained up, and on the raised area by the trees and bushes was another dog who was chained up; and both dogs belonged to the owner of the property behind the bushes and trees.

I would see the dogs when passing this area and it did not seem that they had proper housing or water or food, and so I walked over there one day to check on them.

The dogs were friendly, they let me pet them, and I ended up adjusting their area to make it more humane; and as I was leaving a thin unstable woman with dark-light color skin or light-medium color skin with long dark brown hair was approaching.

The woman lived at the property by the dogs, I told her what I had just done and my thoughts about the dog situation, and we had a brief conversation.

Even though she seemed unstable we managed to have a stable enough conversation, and then I left.

The next time that I went by this area I noticed that none of my changes that I made for the dogs were undone, in fact, it seemed that the woman had improved their area a bit more; and so that was nice and unexpected, but then I woke up.

Dream 2

The end of this dream seemed to take place inside a fictional version of The BP Library that also felt like maybe a store was in it, and I remember standing in line at a counter in the back left corner.

Working behind the counter was an obese woman with dark-color skin who looked and somewhat dressed like the character Mammy from the movie Gone With The Wind, and she was talking to the people in front of me in line.

They were just talking and holding up the line, but I waited there patiently until it was my turn.

I know that some of my coworkers were there working in other parts of the building because I remember thinking about my coworker Ms. RB, Mr. CF, and my female coworker JB.

When it was my turn in line I was saying something to the woman behind the counter when suddenly two somewhat older women with light-color skin walked in front of me to my left like I was not there, and they started talking to the woman.

I guess the falsely assumed that I was just talking with the woman like the previous people were when they were holding up the line, and so I assume that they did not realize that it was my turn in line.

The woman behind the counter looked at them with an attitude while they were talking, when they stopped, she started to tell the women that it was not their turn in line et cetera.

They started arguing, one of the women started complaining vaguely about her being tired of this and that, she also used a word that I can not remember that I assumed was a code word for black people who she was blaming for most of what she was vaguely complaining about I assumed, and I assumed that she was mad about the BLM (Black Lives Matter) protests and various other things that have happened in 2020 so far.

The woman also seemed to be directing this and her anger at the woman behind the counter, the previous people who had been in line in front of me, and me.

The women started to walk away angrily, and as they did the one woman who had went on the rant slapped me in the back.

I turned around annoyed and confused and angry, and I asked her why did she slap me; and then I went on to explain that she had cut me in line, that I was ordering or whatever when she had interrupted me, that she did not know me or my beliefs et cetera so I had nothing to do with all the vague things that she had ranted about, that I had not done anything wrong, et cetera.

She then started to somewhat give a semi-apology, and then they walked away.

Then Mr. CF walked over doing one of his security patrols, he had missed the entire incident it seemed, and he seemed taller and a bit younger and he looked and dressed somewhat like Dr. Disrespect with a wig that was black with maybe a little purple and another color in a somewhat ponytail with sunglasses along with his normal security guard uniform.

I asked Mr. CF where was he when everything was going on, and I started to tell him about what he had just missed.

Mr. CF probably made a few jokes about the situation, especially about the part where the woman slapped me from behind, and then he continued his patrol; and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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