Getting Chased & Anti-Maskers

This dream took place during the day, part of the dream took place at a college that had a restaurant with an upper floor, and at some point I went to the restaurant.

At some point I returned to my dorm, my brother GC was possibly there, and then I left on a bus; and my former male classmate MT was among the people on the bus.

At some point two probably armed men probably started to chase our bus in an automobile, they were probably after someone, and MT and I ran off the bus; and the two men chased us, we lost them, and we went inside a shopping mall just in case.

MT and I went our separate ways after walking through the mall, as I was walking outside I met my female coworker CR on a bridge, and then we walked and talked to an apartment.

Once inside the apartment CR went inside an apartment room, we did not know if it belonged to anyone or not, I did not go in there, and then we went back to the college; but we went our separate ways when we reached the college.

While I was walking around the college an old woman with light-color skin ran at me suddenly, I thought that she was going to attack me, but she ran past me to argue with another old woman.

As I continued walking I was wearing a cloth face mask, so I guess that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on, and I started to get increasingly negative responses from people as I walked around like they were anti-maskers.

At some point I reached an outdoor courtyard, two men with light-color skin who were with a small group of people suddenly approached me, and one of them reached out his hand to shake my hand.

I wanted to do a fist bump instead for safety reasons but I decided to shake his hand, it was a setup and prank unfortunately, and when I shook his hand I saw that he had spit et cetera in his hand so there was spit et cetera in my hand now.

They started laughing and saying that you are not supposed to shake hands during the pandemic et cetera, that I was not social distancing, and then they pulled my mask half off; and then they wisely backed away because they seemed to realize that I would have fought back if they had continued.

They continued laughing and taunting me as they or I walked away, they were anti-maskers trolling people wearing face masks it seemed, I put my mask back on with one hand, and then I went to find somewhere to wash my hands.

I was disgusted and not happy, I was a bit annoyed, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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