Hurricane Laura 2020

Hurricane Laura caused more damage than any storm in my life so far, even Hurricanes Katrina and Rita did not do this much damage last time, we were without electricity for two weeks last time; we may be without electricity for even longer this time.

It is very humid and I have overheated each day helping clean up debris, my stomach is a bit sick / adjusting from probably the not safe drinking water and unheated food and MREs, it is hard to find gasoline, trees are still on houses and fences and streets and electric lines, some electric lines are down, most businesses are closed, et cetera.

Fortunately it is not as hot as last time or I am just more resistant to it this time, it is very humid so you sweat alot, I am handling it better than last time though a certain family member is getting on my nerves, but the internet is very slow on my phone so I can not do much online or type my dreams, I barely could make this post.

Mosquitoes are not as bad this time but I have been bitten by them, a flee, and something else; and the flies are annoying as usual.

I have gotten various cuts and stratches while helping clean debris, I got stabbed in the foot by a rabbit cage, and my body is sore in various places; 2020 strikes again. 😁

Fortunately not many people were killed or injured, and our house only had minor damage.

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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