Homelander | Director EC In The Computer Lab

Dream 1

I had several dreams, semi-daydreams, et cetera that I can not remember other than one of them involving something familiar like a house dream or something like that, but that is all that I can remember.

Dream 2

I had one or more dreams that were inspired by the TV show The Boys (Season 2), and one or more of them involved an increasingly more unstable / showing his true self version of the character Homelander going around doing what he wanted and forcing his way on people through intimidation et cetera.


Why Bigfoot Went Extinct… (SCP Animation)

Recently someone sent me some SCP videos from several YouTube channels including SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation, this is the latest video from that channel, and to me these videos are like short films that cover some interesting lore of The SCP Foundation; and so I will probably start posting some / most of them like I would with short films.

This was an interesting fictional take on the Bigfoot mythology, or SCP-1000 as they call them, I can imagine someone making an entire TV show about SCP stories.