An Outdoor Funeral After A Hurricane

This dream seemed to take place not that long after a hurricane, probably Hurricane Laura, in a slightly fictional version of the city of D during the day.

I was with my dad and my brother GC at the end of the dream, we left in my dad’s automobile on our way somewhere that I can not remember, and my dad was driving.

I remember my dad taking a back route past the D Junior High School and KRH Elementary School, there were probably still some debris around the area, and I remember my dad driving too fast; and an old rough looking hatchback-like car was driving too fast up the road as well, and so I asked my dad to slow down.

Eventually we were closer to The BB Grocery Store when my dad started to drive through a fictional slightly raised apartment complex across the street from it, and he drove through a covered courtyard between the apartment complex.

This covered courtyard had a bar, food stand, sitting areas, et cetera for the people who lived there.

At the end were some stairs down that my dad drove down, the exit was guarded by a man with light-color skin wearing a dark suit, and then I saw a platform below where a funeral seemed to be taking place; and so I got out of the automobile to ask the man in the suit if my dad could finish driving down the exit.

I noticed some of my former classmates on the left side of the platform like my former female classmate MW, and so I went to greet them as I walked by and as my dad drove down the exit.

I asked MW if this was a funeral, she said yes, I asked who died, and she said one of our former classmates but I am not sure who it was; and then I asked my dad to wait a moment.

I then realized that I remembered this happening before, I then remembered that I had a dream, probably one within the last week that either I have not recorded yet or maybe one that I forgot, and part of the dream involved mostly the same thing happened where this funeral was going on.

I remembered the platform and some of my former classmates being in the same area on the left side, and so then I thought that it was cool that I had predicted that this would happen in a dream.

As I was thinking about this I accidentally woke up probably because I was thinking about dreams, dreaming, et cetera.

The end,

-John Jr

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