Getting Chased By A Werewolf & A Water Tank Experiment?

The end of this dream took place inside a multi-story building, I remember this part of the dream being like a video game, and I remember trying to avoid what seemed to be a werewolf.

There was a man or a male humanoid entity there as well, and I remember sneaking around trying to avoid the werewolf.

The man or male entity did not seem to have to worry about the werewolf because at some point it was right next to him like it did not see him or something.

We were on an upper floor, I remember running to an indoor balcony-like area that overlooked another area below, but the werewolf ran to this area as well as I ducked down to hide in the corner of the balcony.

The werewolf probably saw me because it ran at me, but the man or male entity somehow stopped it, like maybe he had powers and / or control over the werewolf somehow.

I then went to the area below, which had a swimming pool near some lockers.

There was a female scientist or doctor with light-color skin with maybe brown hair in a ponytail wearing a lab coat holding a notepad, and in the water were pods / tanks full of liquid.

Some of the pods / tanks had people in them with some kind of breathing apparatus connected to their nose / mouth.

This was part of some kind of experiment or something where the pods / tanks could either turn you into something else (maybe a vampire) and / or they could give you powers / special abilities and / or enhance you in various ways.

They had a pod / tank ready for me.

You had to sign a waiver / paperwork first, and then they would let you in one of the pods / tanks.

I probably wanted to try it, but I was not sure where I would put my wallet, keys, mobile phone, and a backpack that I had.

I was worried about them being stolen.

I knew that I had a locker, but I was not sure what the number was.

I did not have a lock for it, there were other people walking around on the other side of the room, maybe this was part of a college or something like that.

I stood there trying to decide, and I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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