Family Drama In The Countryside

This dream involved me driving someone to the countryside to a house, I waited in my automobile while they were inside the house visiting whoever lived there, but at some point I walked to the door.

A young woman with light-color skin with brown hair was walking out the door as I was walking toward it, which scared her, I apologized, and she kept walking like she was going for a walk or jog.


The Hunt For Hard-To-Destroy Reptile | SCP-682 (SCP Animation)

What Is It?

The YouTube video The Hunt For Hard-To-Destroy Reptile | SCP-682 (SCP Animation) by the YouTube channel SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation:

The Hunt For Hard-To-Destroy Reptile | SCP-682 (SCP Animation)

Here is the description for this video:

Based upon Lord Blackwood and the Great Tarasque Hunt of ’83, this SCP tale takes place in 1883.

After receiving a letter in the mail, calling for Blackwood to aid the French military hunt for the dreaded Tarasque, he quickly takes the offer.

While not an origin story, this is one of the earliest recorded events regarding the infamous Hard-to-Destroy Reptile.

In this animation, view first hand just how devastating and strong SCP-682 is when he’s free from containment, roaming in the wild.

What is the origin of SCP-682?

How old is he?

Most importantly, is there any way to kill SCP-682?

The answer… unknown.

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►”Hard-to-Destroy-Reptile” based upon “SCP-682” written by: Dr Gears:

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