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Dream 1

This was the first dream that I had after getting in bed, it took place during the day, and during part of the dream I was inside a building or house where there were various other people including several babies / children who were in a room alone except for the occasional parent / adult who went to check on them.

I remember the babies / children being on the floor when I entered their room, I sat on the floor on the other side of the room as a woman checked in on them, but then I noticed something strange / creepy about the two babies / children who were closest to me.


Wir Sind Helden – Ein Grund Zur Panik

Last night I heard someone pronounce the word vomit like vomik or vomick, and that caused me to remember the German song Ein Grund Zur Panik by the German band Wir Sind Helden from their music album Soundso which I had not heard in years.

I knew that Panik was in the name, vomik reminded me of Panik, and I quickly found it on YouTube; it is very German. 😀