A Pig-Like Cat? | Ms. SB’s Gifts

Dream 1

This was the first dream that I had after getting in bed, it took place during the day, and during part of the dream I was inside a building or house where there were various other people including several babies / children who were in a room alone except for the occasional parent / adult who went to check on them.

I remember the babies / children being on the floor when I entered their room, I sat on the floor on the other side of the room as a woman checked in on them, but then I noticed something strange / creepy about the two babies / children who were closest to me.

The two babies were boys with light-color skin with blue eyes, something that I can not remember was creepy and strange about their faces and eyes et cetera, and so I left the room and I walked through the building to the outside.

Outside in an area that looked like the area in front of the storage buildings in my parents yard were some kittens and a cat and a box, and I remember hearing some pig-like sounds.

There was a fictional structure that was like a storage building with a screened / meshed area around it that went up a tree that it was next to with maybe a tree house at the top, to the right was a tree with maybe moss, and to the right of that was a tall structure that I had false memories of my parents once letting my former male schoolmate AJ live in it briefly when he needed somewhere to stay once.

I remember a bald man with light-brown skin being near the tree with moss, another man who looked like or was my former male schoolmate CT walked over to him, they started talking about something involving some pets that were an annoyance, the bald man pointed to them, something about shooting at them was mentioned, and then the bald man asked the CT-like man if he owned the tree that they were standing under.

I then heard the pig-like noise again, like a pig that is eating excitingly, it was coming from the box where the kittens and cat were earlier, and so I walked over to investigate.

I saw the cat and the kittens, then I saw a pig-like cat (it was the size of a cat but it was very fat and wrinkled and somewhat flat-looking because of all the fat / skin) or something that was eating something that was in a small light-tan trash can, and I walked over for a closer look to see that it was eating what looked like newly born kittens or something like that.

This shocked, confused, disturbed, disgusted, et cetera me and creeped me out.

This pig-like cat was probably inspired by me seeing a video about SCP-3166.

I wanted to save the baby kittens, but I felt something touch or shake the back of one of my arms in the real world as I was about to move forward to stop the pig-like cat; and this caused my body in the dream to stop, somewhat jerk, and then I jerked awake in the real world suddenly with my body literally jerking awake like when something scares you suddenly.

Dream 2

This dream took place inside and outside a slightly fictional version of The BP Library where I was working, I can not remember most of the dream, especially the outside parts of the dream, but I do remember the end of the dream taking place back inside the library.

I remember my coworker Ms. SB leaving some gifts and gift boxes behind in a box for all us fellow coworkers, and my supervisor Ms. JR and I had to get them out of the box.

While doing this I realized that some of the boxes had initials on them probably representing who this gift box should go to and which gift goes inside of it, and so we then had to figure out which gifts and gift boxes went to who.

They were probably together at first until we had separated them not realizing that they were together, some of the gifts were probably not marked, and so we were going to have to figure this out and somehow mark them so that we would know what goes with what and to who.

Ms. JR told me that we could not mark / initial them in an obvious way because of some kind of rule or law, I am not sure which, and so then I was confused about how we were going to mark them then; but then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

4 replies on “A Pig-Like Cat? | Ms. SB’s Gifts”

Uncanny! It’s a coincidence that I also had a dream about a somewhat disturbing baby (who happened to be my brother’s [non-existent] son/daughter) this morning. It’s odd how you tend to feel obligated to protect the baby in your dreams, even if you disapprove of them in some way.
The pig-cat is certainly kind of disturbing.

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Hello Moya,

Cool, that is a coincidence, thank you for sharing that; care to share any details about the disturbing baby?

I definitely got a strong feeling of wanting to protect / save the baby kittens.

Yeah, I wonder what it was, it had was flabby and wrinkled and somewhat flat because it was so fat I guess, it was in the box so I could not see all of its body, and it had fur like a cat; maybe it was slightly inspired by me recently seeing a video about SCP-3166:

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello Moya,

That was even more strange, interesting, and creepy than I had expected.

I am trying to imagine what that must have looked like.

It sounds like something from a scary movie or something like the creepy black eyed children entities from the Into The Dark (Season 1) episode called They Come Knocking.

Thank you for sharing that and you are welcome.

-John Jr

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