A Team Trying To Sabotage Me

This was my last dream, I did not record the other dreams, so I forgot those dreams, and I am not sure if this dream took place at a college or not or where it was exactly.

I remember an apartment / dorm / house-like building, it probably changed between the three as the dream went on, and I lived there in one of the apartment / dorm rooms / suites / houses with at least three or four men including my former male classmate AP and Brad Dourif or a Brad Dourif-like man and possibly one or more people / women.

I remember at least four of us working together at the same job, on the job we would be split into teams of two, and so each day we went to work on our separate teams; and then we returned to where we lived.

Throughout the dream one of the teams (probably the one with Brad Dourif on it because I remember him looking at me suspiciously) seemed to be trying to sabotage my team, specifically me, and one thing that I suspected them of was that I wondered if they were responsible for the pain that I had in the back of my right arm between my elbow and tricep.

Another act of sabotage involved a man with light-color skin who drove a small cart-like thing who would sometimes give us a ride to and from work, when he was going to come pick up my team his cart would not start, and Mr. Dourif had him bring the cart into his apartment; and I suspected that he was going to set a trap or something inside of it to hurt me and my team.

At the end of the dream where we lived looked like the first floor of The E House, we each had our own room in the house, I remember needing to use the bathroom, but I thought that they were being used by the others including AP.

At some point I found out that AP was no longer in the bathroom like I had thought, but I woke up as I walked into the bathroom after saying something to AP first.

When I woke up I realized that the pain that I had in the dream was real, the back of my right arm between my elbow and tricep was hurting me, I think that I probably hurt it last night when I was exercising suddenly without stretching first while doing side planks and my arm slipped and twisted a bit.

The end,

-John Jr

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