Outside A Dorm | A Fake Emergency | A Work Meeting

Dream 1

This dream involved my parents and I driving to a college that my brothers KDC and TDC were about to start going to, and we were there to bring some of their stuff to their college dorm.

We reached the parking lot of the dorm, the dorm was a multi-story building, and on the outside was a special drawer or chute system that allowed you to put items in them for each dorm room.


Life In The Endless IKEA… | SCP-3008 (SCP Animation)

Life in the Endless IKEA… | SCP-3008 (SCP Animation)

What Is It?

The YouTube video Life in the Endless IKEA… | SCP-3008 (SCP Animation) by the YouTube channel SCP Animated – Tales From The Foundation.

Here is the description for this video:

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A normal man enters what he thinks to be a regular old IKEA, but becomes trapped. After searching for days, he finally finds other survivors. Turns out the IKEA is in fact SCP-3008; and this young man’s journey is just beginning, as this store is much stranger, and more dangerous than it originally appears…

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►”A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old IKEA” based upon “SCP-3008” written by: Mortos:

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