People Showing Up To Play A Multiplayer Virtual Reality First-Person Shooter Video Game

The end of this dream took place in the evening, I was inside a fictional one-story building either in the alley or next to the alley by my parents yard, and I was there playing maybe a multiplayer virtual reality first-person shooter video game with a few family members.

More family members, friends of family members, and unknown people started to show up uninvited to join the game.

Eventually I knew that I needed to stop and get ready for bed, it was after 8:00 PM and I had work the next day, and so I hoped that everyone would start leaving as I left.

I remember the building having one or more windows with a view to the yard of The E House, and I saw a fictional version of the laundry room where the walls were collapsing in from Hurricane damage and old age.

As I was leaving the building to go to my parents house the others seemed to be leaving as well like I had hoped, but I woke up as I entered the living room of my parents house.

The end,

-John Jr

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