The Creepy Lady – Horror Story Animated

At first I thought that he was going to describe a sleep paralysis experience or a hallucination that he had as he was going to sleep or shortly after waking up, but I was surprised that I was wrong; now I am curious about what he saw and felt or thought that he saw and felt that day.

This sounds like a scary but interesting experience that would stay with you, especially if you experienced it as a kid like he did, I am still surprised that he was able to touch and feel whatever it was; I definitely was not expecting that.

I had a slightly similar experience once years ago back when I was still in public school where I thought that someone had entered my bedroom sat on my bed behind me while I was in bed, I assumed that it was my mom just like he did, I assumed that she was just checking in on me, I did not sense any danger / fear (the opposite actually), after a while I decided to turn around to see who it was maybe when it seemed that they were leaving or when I was curious why they had not left yet, but I did not see or hear anyone when I finally turned to see who it was and when I got up to investigate.

Later that morning I asked my mom, dad, et cetera if any of them had entered my room that night; and all of them said no.

The end,

-John Jr

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