A Bus And A Virtual Tour Of W Park?

I had more dreams that I remembered but maybe I falsely thought that I had recorded them each time that I woke up and I went back to sleep, and so now I can only barely remember one of my dreams.

This dream took place during the day, I remember being on a bus with no seats, and so we had to sit on the floor.

My dad, my coworker Mr. CF, my former male classmate RM and his fictional young sister, at least one other even younger girl than RM’s sister who had light-color skin with maybe blonde hair, and a few other people were on the bus.

Mr. CF and I were sitting closer to the bus driver on the right side near the entrance / exit, I remember talking with Mr. CF and RM et cetera, and at some point we reached the location of where ever we were going.

I am not sure if I was inside or outside, probably outside, and I remember talking with my female coworker JB.

JB started to show me maybe a virtual tour of W Park from her mobile phone, it seemed that W Park in the city of D possibly had its own website or maybe it was Google Maps Street View (Google Street View) or something like that, but I accidentally interrupted her with a question about what she was showing me as she was still trying to explain it to me.

This either caused her to lose her train of thought or it caused her to stop explaining it to me or she got distracted by something else because I remember JB getting quiet, I waited to see if she would continue explaining, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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