Going To The Beauregard Daily News Building

I forgot most of my dreams before I could record them except for barely part of the end of my last dream which took place during the day in the city of D.

My mom and I drove in maybe The Blue Van to the Beauregard Daily News building, my mom drove, I had a camera or part of a camera that looked similar to a portable debit / credit card reader with some images saved on it or own its memory card, and my mom sent me inside the building with it for reasons that I can not remember.

Inside the building were mostly or only female employees with light-color skin, I remember greeting them and telling them why I was there, and at some point I asked if I could print the images that were saved on the camera / memory card; but the oldest female employee said no.

I am not sure if I had let them copy the images from the camera / memory card to their computer(s) before this or not, I just remember starting to leave, and as I was walking toward the exit a female employee with light-color skin and two male-employees with light-color skin with black hair and facial hair walked in.

I remember greeting them and stopping to talk to them, then I walked outside, and then I realized that I was holding a large teddy bear that was handed to me by the female employee who had entered the building before I left.

The parking lot was larger and maze-like and there were many people and automobiles there now, my former male classmate JB was in the parking lot and he was an employee, and I remember giving JB the teddy bear so that he could take it back inside the building.

I walked around trying to find The Blue Van, along the way I found my brother GC who said that our mom had parked The Blue Van, and that she was not in the van right now.

Eventually I found The Blue Van and I tried to drive around obstacles like large rocks, automobiles, et cetera as I tried to find my mom and my brother GC again so that we could leave.

But I woke up before I could find them.

The end,

-John Jr

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