Surveillance & President Donald Trump & Talking To Joe Exotic

Part of this dream involved a rich man with light-color skin wearing a suit who was a rival of President Donald Trump, he was inside a building that was either one of his smaller properties or a hotel or something like that, and he was with maybe a girl or boy in a room.

I am not sure what he / they were doing, I just remember seeing another scene of a small dark room with various screens with surveillance video footage, two people wearing dress clothes were sitting watching the screens, one was a man with light-color skin wearing a dark suit and sunglasses who looked like a United States Secret Service agent, the other was a woman with light-color skin, and standing behind them was The President Of The United States Donald Trump.

The view of this scene was behind them, I saw the side of President Trump’s face, and he was smiling like he was happy at the surveillance footage of his rival that they were currently recording / watching; and so I assume that he must have been doing something that would greatly embarrass / ruin his career that President Trump could use against him.

President Trump then walked out of the room, the dream then jumped to maybe the main property that the rich man owned or one of his larger properties that was a mansion, and some of his adult sons and maybe some of their friends were there.

I somehow entered the mansion looking for a bathroom, while walking around I saw two of the rich man’s sons walking out of a room with a barely clothed or naked woman with light-color skin who they just had sex with, and they had their butler or someone escorting her from the mansion; but none of them saw me as I walked by on another hall.

I then saw a barely clothed or naked overweight woman with light-color skin sneaking around from another hall, like me neither of us were supposed to be there it seemed, but she accidentally walked on the hallway that the two sons were on so they saw her.

She decided to pretend that she knew them and she tried to seduce them hoping to avoid them questioning why she was there and having her removed or arrested, she succeeded in tricking them into thinking that they knew her, but she failed at seducing them because they were repulsed by her body; and so they declined her, and they quickly walked away from her in disgust without telling her to leave so she succeeded in not getting kicked or arrested which now allowed her to walk around without sneaking.

I then found a bathroom, while I was in there a maid entered the bathroom who was the mother of my former male schoolmate / neighbor R, and I remember us briefly talking.

She told me / partly joked that me being their made her feel strange, I was out-of-place in this rich person environment among other reasons, she was not going to report me or anything, she let me use the bathroom while she stood outside cleaning in the hallway keeping an eye out, and then she was going to let me sneak away when no one was around.

After using the bathroom and washing my hands she let me know that it was clear, and I sneaked out of the mansion without being seen.

Later in the dream I must have seen a movie with someone because at the end of the dream I was standing outside during the evening or night telling someone about how I had seen a movie with someone earlier, that person then left, and I continued walking until I reached my parents street.

In the driveway of The E House that leads to the boat port I saw large trucks with equipment for what seemed to be a zoo or circus or fair, I saw Joe Exotic, and we started talking and then walking and talking toward The E House.

It seemed that my mom’s side of the family was letting them stay at The E House for the night, they were traveling on their way to a show or something, and as we reached the house he got a mobile phone call; and he walked inside to talk on the phone while I waited outside.

I then saw a small boat-like aircraft with two men with light-color skin fly low over the area looking down, they then turned around, and they dropped one or more tear gas grenades and / or smoke grenades in the front of the yard like they were part of a police raid or an attack; they were not dressed like police at all.

They possibly did not see me yet, I assumed that they were after Joe Exotic and his crew, and so I thought about sneaking out the backyard to escape if they had not seen me.

I was not sure if they saw me or not or if they were police or not, so I stood there trying to decide what to do, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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