Magically Restoring An Abandoned Old House

I forgot most of my dreams and most of this dream, but I do remember part of the end of this dream that possibly took place in a fictional city.

I remember walking through a neighborhood maybe late in the afternoon, I saw a very rough-looking old large one-story abandoned house that looked like it probably used to look nice many years ago even though it looked terrible now, and so I walked to one of the door-less or open entrances to see what it looked like inside.

I stood in the doorway, the inside of the house was empty but still looked rough / old / abandoned, not as rough as the outside which was scary movie rough / needs to be torn down rough, which was sad because I imagined that it probably looked nice many years ago; and I wondered why did they let it rot like this.

I then maybe thought / said to myself: “I wish that I had the power to restore / remodel and / or make and / or summon a house.”, and then I could finally have my own house and / or a new house for my family and could make or fix or summon houses for other people.

Right after saying that while starting to imagine it, magically the house started to be restored before my eyes, somehow I got my wish and somehow I now had the power to do this just by thinking / wishing / saying it; and it all happen in a few seconds.

The house was magically restored / cleaned like it was brand new, and the inside of the house now looked like a very upscale place with marble floors and pillars et cetera.

Most of my family magically showed up, the house was magically furnished, and we started moving in; but we left the doors open to let new air circulate inside the house just in case.

I thought that all of this was pretty cool but I did not make a big deal about it, I did not bother to try to figure out how I did it, I just considered it to be maybe a superpower or something that I just unlocked.

My family were enjoying the new house as well, we were pretty happy as we looked around as we moved in, and at some point my brother GC and I went to investigate and old washhouse / storage building in the back yard.

There was stuff in the washhouse / storage building including an old red rusty paint chipping off gas cylinder / water tank-like thing, GC started checking it, it started compressing and uncompressing with the metal bending in and out like it was breathing, and so GC pushed or pulled a valve or something to try to release the pressure to avoid it blowing up or breaking.

GC then plugged it up to see if that would help, unfortunately it possibly got worse, GC tried to touch the valve but he got shocked, and then GC said to run because it looked like it was going to explode; and we ran out of the building.

It did not blow up so I ran back inside to see if I could unplug it, I had my back facing it as I tried to quickly find where the electric cord was plugged in at before it blows up, I heard a noise behind me, and I felt something hit me from behind like maybe metal pieces (shrapnel) from the gas cylinder and / or whatever was inside it exploding / shooting and / or leaking out; but this caused me to wake up before I could turn around to see for myself, and to see if I was injured or not.

So I did not get to see if it was gas, acid, chemicals, steam, and / or metal that hit me in the back.

The end,

-John Jr

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