Shootings At A Parade

This dream involved me being inside a house sitting down watching TV with my mom, and we were watching a parade that possibly was also a race and / or competition of some kind with various individuals and companies and groups.

One of the parade floats had zoo animals stacked on top of the largest animal, I can not remember which animal was the largest, and one of the animals that was stacked on top of the largest animal was a rhinoceros (rhino).

The largest animal was possibly not real or alive, it was possibly a statue or a taxidermied animal, but I am not sure.

I remember seeing another float with people wearing matching blue T-shirts with their company logo on it, the camera followed them at the end of the parade route as they got off their float, and there was some commotion off camera like there was an argument between some of them and someone in the ground.

The camera then showed a man with medium-color skin in their group walking away angrily, the camera turned away again, then I heard a gunshot followed by another gunshot, and the camera turned back to show the man laying dead on the ground in a pool of his own blood with a gunshot wound on his head.

Not far from him on the ground was another man with medium-color skin with black hair and facial hair who was possibly from somewhere in The Middle East, he also had a gunshot wound to the head, the pool of his blood under him was still growing, and he smiled before he died.

I assumed that maybe he shot the other man and then shot himself, I was not sure, and then chaos broke out as people started screaming and running and hiding et cetera.

Then in the chaos I saw a man with light-color skin with a gun running through the crowd toward a wall that had a female police officer with light-color skin on the other side up high holding a mounted assault rifle or light-machine gun, and he ran right past her.

The female police officer then yelled : “Hey!” at him, he kept running on the other side of a multi-story building that blocked the camera’s view, and so she ran after him without her rifle and without pulling out her pistol oddly.

I then heard a gunshot that sounded like a rifle, followed by another gunshot, and another gunshot, et cetera; and the chaos grew as gunshots and screams rang out as people ran for their lives, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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