A School Shooting | A Missile Attack In The City Of D?

Dream 1

The end of this dream took place during the day, I was possibly younger like I was public school age again, and I was outside in a field of a fictional school that looked like a college combined with maybe the PW Elementary School in the city of D; and I was there with some of my former classmates like my former male classmate RB.

While we were talking RB told me that he saw a man with a gun in the distance across the street from the school by the street in front of some houses, there were many people on both sides and they were far away, and so it was difficult trying to see who he was talking about.

I saw a man moving forward who looked like maybe he had a pistol, I could not see him well enough, then I heard gunshots and screams, and chaos broke out as people ran for their lives.

I remember us standing there trying to gauge the situation as we tried to see where the man was, what he looked like, what direction he was going et cetera, before we decide which direction to escape toward.

With all of the chaos I was not sure where the gunman was, it seemed that he was getting closer, and so eventually we started moving back toward a sunken area down some stairs that was a courtyard between buildings.

We got split up when it sounded like the man was closer than we had expected, I ran down the stairs on my way to a building at the top of some other stairs, but it sounded like he was headed in this direction so I had to hide behind a building.

I felt stupid for waiting too long to escape so now I was possibly trapped if he stopped to search behind the building instead of continuing to the next building, as I was hiding it sounded like him or someone else was walking by without stopping, but I woke up feeling some of the stress / fear / panic / regret / et cetera that I was feeling in the dream.

It possibly took me a bit longer to go back to sleep after this.

Dream 2

Part of this dream involved me remembering a false memory from maybe 2005, I think that was possibly the year that I saw in the dream, but I could be wrong.

This false memory probably came back to me in the dream when I was inside a fictional version of my parents house that had a large room with store-like shelves along the walls with candy and toys and other things that my dad probably got for free.

I was probably looking at the shelves and walls when I found a message that I had made back in 2005 to a fictional sister that I had in the dream, the message was possibly framed with text and an image of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups along with some other things, and it was partly a warning to my sister that I made when I was angry with her about something that happened in another false memory that I can not remember now.

The false memory took place when I was in high school, maybe my junior year or my senior year, which makes no sense because I was already out of high school before then.

Looking back on that false memory and on the message that I had left for my sister back then made me feel several different emotions, I remember somewhat laughing about being angry at her back then, I was over it now, and my message to her back then actually contained some advice to her that was probably helpful advice along with some angry stuff.

My sister and my mom were in the room with me, so after thinking about that false memory, I started to ask my sister if she remembered that day and this message that I had left her back then; but I can not remember her response.

I do remember talking with my mom, and she probably briefly talked about the time back when I was in college and / or when I dropped out of college when I was suffering from problems with anxiety and depression et cetera.

My mom then told me to write down something that I want to tell my family, maybe some of my goals in life, and / or something like that and put it in a vase or jar-like thing that was inside of a display along the wall.

The next thing that I remember is that it was evening, and I was shopping with my brother GC at the shopping center in the city of D by W Park.

At some point my brother GC was inside a store before you get to Subway, I walked outside to go get my automobile that I assumed was parked further down near Dollar General, and as I was walking I probably realized that my cloth face mask was missing and that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on and that I possibly had my mask on earlier.

Fortunately most of the people around were far away from each other, I tried to hurry to my automobile so that I could get my mask, and then drive closer to the store that my brother GC was in so that I could pick him up.

Once I got down there I did not see my automobile to my surprise, so I started walking back to see if it was at the other end, but then something strange happened.

It was cloudy and / or foggy and somewhat dark in the sky, there was a fictional chemical-like plant further to the right of Napa Auto Parts, and suddenly I saw a fiery molten rock-like / meteorite-like object flying near that area; and then it crashed in the forest near there.

I remember a man with light-color skin and several other people stopping to look at this as well, we did not know what that was, I remember the man wondering if it was a meteorite that crashed.

As we were starting to continue walking I saw something even stranger and scarier, I saw several objects falling from the sky above and behind Napa Auto Parts and the forest behind it, they fell from the cloudy / foggy dark sky.

They looked like maybe missiles with fins at the end, they were falling straight down at first, but then they moved off in different directions hitting things below like either guided missiles or homing missiles or something.

Everyone stopped in confusion, shock, et cetera at first wondering what they were and what was going on.

I wondered if the military accidentally dropped or shot them during a training exercise, but then more started to fall from the sky and then shoot in different directions hitting things below; and then we knew that this was an attack, it seemed that someone was bombing the city and who knows what else, and then chaos broke out.

I remember running along the covered walkway while looking up at the sky trying to decide where to run to avoid falling missiles and falling debris, explosions were happening around the area, and even in the parking lot.

I was trying to reach the store that my brother GC was in and to find my automobile so that I could warn him and either shelter inside a store, try to escape by automobile, or escape on foot.

I was not sure who or what was shooting or dropping the missiles, if they were targeting buildings and people and objects or what, and the situation was bad.

This time my shock, panic, fear, et cetera was worse than the previous dream and this felt even more real and surreal and scary; and the situation was worse.

Those missiles looked more advanced so I assumed that a major country was attacking us, unless it was aliens, but I was not thinking aliens even though this also felt more like a UFO-like dream.

I woke up as I was running, probably because of all the panic and chaos as the missile explosions got closer and closer to me, and this time I probably did not fully go back to sleep again after another even more stressful dream; and so I lost maybe 30 minutes-to-1 hour of sleep.

The end,

-John Jr

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