Arnold Schwarzenegger And Menopause

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it seemed to take place in a slightly fictional nicer version of the city of D that had recently experienced a serious disaster, probably a storm like a hurricane, but I am not sure.

I was walking to The BP Library for work near where the train tracks should be / are, the area across the street from the fictional larger building that the library was in and it was up higher than the area on the other side, and so I had to make my way up.

There were checkpoints and roadblocks in various parts of the city because it was still a disaster zone, even some buildings had checkpoints inside where they restricted access to only certain people, and when I got to the lobby of the building that the library was in.

The police had a checkpoint set up in the lobby, you had to be an employee or something like that to be allowed into the building, and so I told them that I worked at the library and that I was there for work and I showed them some proof; and they left me inside.

I walked to the left of the lobby where some other people were, and I was approached by who I assume was a fictional coworker of mine who was basically a younger (before his acting days) action movie-like Arnold Schwarzenegger combined with maybe my former male classmate JC.

I knew him and he knew me, he greeted me with a smile and he was in a good mood, and during our conversation he seemed to be using code as he told me about a package that he left for me in The IT Department; and he seemed to be hinting that maybe some money, maybe guns, maybe some ammunition, and / or something like that was inside the package.

Whatever was in the package was something that he liked, he thought was cool, and thought that I would find interesting as well; like someone wanting their friend to see some cool new weapons, ammunition, technology, et cetera.

He seemed to be speaking in code to avoid anyone else figuring out what he was talking about, especially the police, and so even I was not sure what he seemed to be hinting at exactly; but I tried to translate and guess what he was hinting was inside the package.

After he left I was approached by my female coworker KE, we had a conversation, and during our conversation she mentioned her mom and somethings about her mom’s menopause experiences that her mom told her about.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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