Wolf’s Rain

What is it?

The 2003 Japanese anime TV show Wolf’s Rain.




My Thoughts

I saw this anime TV show years ago and my first reaction to the start of this anime with its opening theme song / opening credits, opening scene, animation, music (Yoko Kanno and the musicians who(m) she worked with did a good job), voice acting, ending theme song / ending credits, et cetera was that it was beautiful and touching.

Those aspects of this anime all came together in a beautiful way with some of the music still being with me today like:

Wolf’s Rain – Opening Theme – Stray

Wolf’s Rain – Ending Theme – Gravity

Ilaria Graziano – Valse De La Lune

Unfortunately their creative / unique plot was a nonsensical confusing mess that does not match the beauty of the other aspects of it, and so I do not remember much of it at all; but at least they took a risk by trying something unique I guess.

The good aspects still are with me including a particular moment when a character was trapped and the song Valse De La Lune by Ilaria Graziano really enhanced the scene.

The end,

-John Jr

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