Blade (Film)

What is it?

The 1998 American superhero horror movie Blade.




My Thoughts

I did not see this movie years ago until several years after it was released, before that many years ago I do remember my dad and I stopping by the house of my female cousin PC to visit her, and she was watching this movie; I remember it looking interesting, and I decided that I would try to watch it one day.

Several years after that I finally got to see this movie when I was visiting my former male classmate DH, and I thought that it was pretty good; and later we also watched Blade II at his house, and when Blade: Trinity came out we watched it at the movie theater at the shopping mall in the city of D.

Blade was my favorite of the three movies, most people seemed to like Blade II the best, but I possibly like Blade: Trinity better than Blade II even though it is flawed.

I hope that the upcoming Blade TV show or whatever is good, it is a shame that Wesley Snipes will not be returning as Blade as far as I know, he did a good job playing that character; and I also liked Arly Jover as the character Mercury, I liked her look and personality and accent, I wish that she would have had more screen time.

This movie had pretty good fun action / combat, and it had a 1990s feeling and style that is missing from most movies these days.

This movie is probably among my favorite vampire movies and superhero movies.

The end,

-John Jr

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