Jesus Was / Was A Hirishna?

This was a longer more detailed dream and / or the dream before it, unfortunately I can not remember most of this dream or any of my other dreams, but I do remember part of the end of this dream.

The end of this dream took place during the day, I was inside and / or outside a building in a field, and further up the field to the left was a one-story motel or apartment-like building.

The building was basically two separate buildings with doors to rooms on the left side and the right side with a covered walkway / catwalk / tunnel between them down the middle, and for some reason I sensed / assumed that maybe porn (pornography) was being filmed (with live pornographic actors and actresses) in one or more of the rooms.

I needed to urinate so at some point I walked to that building hoping to find a bathroom in one of the rooms, sitting in a chair under the covered walkway was a man with light-color skin who seemed to be a lookout or employee with the assumed porn shoot(s) being filmed, I am not sure if I said anything to him or not, but I do remember him saying something to one or more people leaving one of the rooms.

I walked into one of the rooms, to my surprise my brother GC and several other men seemed to be getting dressed it seemed as they were leaving separate rooms within this room or apartment, I probably greeted my brother GC, and he probably pointed to where the bathroom was.

I went inside the bathroom, I started to wonder / worry that maybe there were cameras all around this room or apartment, if I was correct about some of them being used to film porn; and so I stopped to decide if I should use the bathroom here or not.

I really needed to urinate so I decided to use the bathroom, I probably ducked down a bit as I urinated just in case there was a camera in here, and afterward I washed my hands.

As I was leaving the bathroom to leave the room or apartment, something unclear happened where I saw and heard (I am not sure if I saw and heard this in my mind and / or in the environment around me) a sentence and part of a message or trivia show or video or something like that, and it / they mentioned or implied that: “Jesus was a Hirishna or Jesus was Hirishna or Jesus was a member of The Hirishna or Jesus was a descendant of The Hirishna or something like that.”.

I am not sure if that is how it was spelled, I remember it being pronounced like Hi (like the word High)-RishNa (basically replace the K in Krishna with Hi or High), and I was not sure if that was a name of a family of Hindu deities (from Hinduism) or a name of an even more ancient family of deities or if it was the name of a deity or if it was the name (last name) of a family or if it was a title or what that name / word / title was / meant exactly or what it / they were talking about exactly; but I assumed that it possibly meant one or more of those things.

I was confused by this because I had never heard that before or any family or family of deities or deities with that name before or any title of that name or of Jesus ever being connected to anything that sounded like that, and it / they seemed to be implying or claiming that it was a fact or something.

But I woke up before I could try to make sense of what I had just saw / heard, when I woke up I really did need to urinate, and so that is why I needed to urinate in the dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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