Lovecraft Country (Season 1)

What is it?

The 2020 American horror drama TV show Lovecraft Country (Season 1).




My Thoughts

The YouTube channel Double Toasted had a video called HBO’S LOVECRAFT COUNTRY REVIEW | FIRST 5 EPISODES | Double Toasted that finally got me to give this show a chance after it had already caught my attention a bit:

This show surprised me with how it started, it presented a view of The United States Of America that you do not normally get to see in media from a more Black / African American point-of-view in a way that made more sense and was more relatable and somewhat realistic at times in how it presented racism / bigotry / racial segregation / American society at that time; but it also had crazy Lovecraftian-like stuff going on.

This show presented racism and racialism and bigotry et cetera as horror, just like the Lovecraftian elements, but in some ways worse; which was refreshing.

Unfortunately the show started too fast, after the second or third episode I wondered where could they go now, and after that it felt a bit more like an anthology-like show with a main plot that it returns to sometimes; and things got too weird and sometimes annoying and too off-track at some points, modern music was used at times which did not fit the time period, and the ending was not as good as it should have been in my opinion.

We still enjoyed parts of this show, it has more potential, with some adjustments and better direction this show could improve, I do commend them for taking risks and trying something different and unique; and they even managed to make one episode feel like an international film because a lot of it was in Korean.

The end,

-John Jr

2 responses to “Lovecraft Country (Season 1)”

    • Hello Urbn Social,

      I can understand that with how this show changes after the first two episodes, our least favorite episodes comes a couple of episodes after that as things get crazier and weirder and even more off the plot, so I can understand some people giving up on it; but it was something different, it is flawed definitely, but it is probably worth watching just enough for something different.

      Thank you commenting,
      -John Jr

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