An Old Room | Science Fiction & Greek Religion & An Inflatable Raft

Dream 1

This dream involved me working at a fictional version of The BP Library during the day, some of my coworkers were there like maybe my female coworker JB, and at some point I remember walking to some fictional quiet areas of the building.

I am not sure if I walked to another nearby building or what, I just remember possibly walking outside across a parking lot that was similar to the parking lot that the D Junior High School and the KR Elementary School share, I reached a building that probably looked like a combination of the KR Elementary School and the kitchen and breakfast room of The E House and a small somewhat abandoned apartment building, and my mom’s side of the family owned an old abandoned part of this building.

There was a hallway that somewhat reminded me of the hallway by the kitchen in The E House combined with a hallway in an apartment building, along this hall were doors to maybe apartments and other spaces, and I entered the unlocked door to the old rough abandoned area that my mom’s side of the family owned.

There was an empty entrance room connected by a door to another room that looked a lot like the kitchen that was connected by a door to another room that looked like the breakfast room combined with a bedroom, and things looked rough and abandoned.

To my surprise the last room had some old electronics that still worked and that were still on like: a radio, an old music system / player, an old TV, an old video game console, and maybe an old computer; and the electricity was working to my surprise.

I remember looking around and checking the electronics and other old objects that belonged to my mom’s side of the family, I slowly forgot about work, and I just enjoyed the moment.

Before I left I turned everything off that had been on when I entered the room except for the radio, I assumed that they wanted to have some noise in case someone figured out that the door was unlocked, and they probably hoped that would scare away most people tricking them into thinking that someone lived there.

I wanted to start visiting this room more often during my lunch breaks and / or after work even though it looked rough, I heard a sound like someone was entering the entrance room to my surprise, and so I quietly made my way in that direction.

When I entered the entrance room a person ran at me like they were going to attack me, I did not have time to try to identify them, I just got into a defensive / offensive stance ready to brace myself and block as I throw an right straight or right overhand punch, but I held back a moment as I tried to identify the person charging at me.

To my surprise it was my brother CC who stopped right when he got in range, fortunately, because I was very close to counter attacking if he had not stopped in that second; and then we greeted each other with surprise, and I remember telling him how close I was to punching him and how I would have done it et cetera.

I told him what I was doing there and I asked him what he was doing there, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream started with a fictional science fiction movie that I was possibly watching, it was somewhat Blade Runner-like in a somewhat rougher-looking future, and then the dream became the movie and I was in it; but I can not remember if I was myself or if I was someone else, I was possibly someone else, and I was walking around.

I remember walking through an apartment building with doors on both sides of the hallway(s), some were open and some were closed, at some point I entered an open apartment that no one was inside, and I walked inside saying hello but no one responded.

I walked all the way to the back of the apartment and then I went to walk back to leave, on my way out a woman with light-color skin was about to enter the apartment, it was her apartment, I greeted her as I left, she entered the apartment looking worried, and then I heard what sounded like her calling the police as I walked away outside across a field of people trying to get away.

I was not going to stay to see if the police would show up or not, as I walked away outside I possibly got a mobile phone call or something, and the next thing that I remember is somehow stumbling upon a situation where someone seemed to be trying to get various branches of the ancient Greek religion to fight with each other and to get one branch to take over.

Somehow several forms of communication and something else for all the branches of their religion got turned off except for the Hercules branch, some felt that the members of the Hercules branch were responsible, some felt that one or more of the ancient Greek deities were responsible, et cetera; and so they were arguing and mistrustful of each other and probably close to fighting each other.

As I listened to and saw this, I tried to figure out what was going on and who was responsible, there was a man with light-color skin representing the Hercules branch, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream took place outside during the day in an area with land with a body of water with a piece of land in the middle of it, I was there with a large rectangular inflatable raft, and my brothers and my dad were on the mainland.

The water and weather seemed colder, there were killer whales and dolphins in the water, some of the dolphins rode on the backs of the killer whales, my inflatable raft needed more air so I filled it with air somehow, and then I started to row it on the water.

I decided that I would pick up my brothers and my dad by sailing over to them, and then we could row the raft along the water keeping our distance from the killer whales and dolphins of course; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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