An Insect Bite | Deepfake Julie Andrews? | Operation Rudy Giuliani

Dream 1

This dream took place in another city, maybe even another country, and I was riding in an automobile with my parents and one of them was driving.

I remember us driving by maybe a beach, there was a somewhat muscular toned hairy man barely wearing any swimwear who looked like Rider Strong (it was not him) who was there, he looked like he needed a ride so we asked him, he spoke with maybe an accent like he was possibly from Vatican City or Italy, he did need a ride, so he got dressed in a priest outfit (so he was a priest), and he rode with us as we took him to his church.


Fiona Apple – To Your Love

To Your Love

This song (To Your Love) by Fiona Apple from her music album When The Pawn…, is another one of my favorite songs from that music album, it is also a song that matches the feel of her first music album Tidal, and the live performance below was better than I expected.