An Insect Bite | Deepfake Julie Andrews? | Operation Rudy Giuliani

Dream 1

This dream took place in another city, maybe even another country, and I was riding in an automobile with my parents and one of them was driving.

I remember us driving by maybe a beach, there was a somewhat muscular toned hairy man barely wearing any swimwear who looked like Rider Strong (it was not him) who was there, he looked like he needed a ride so we asked him, he spoke with maybe an accent like he was possibly from Vatican City or Italy, he did need a ride, so he got dressed in a priest outfit (so he was a priest), and he rode with us as we took him to his church.

It was evening or night once we reached the location, he walked and talked with us toward the church, to the left of the church were some stairs with rails leading up to a house or apartment where my female cousin TE and her family lived who we were going to visit, and my cousin TE opened her door to greet us and call us up to her house or apartment.

We possibly asked TE if the priest could join us, she probably said yes, so he was going to join us and then afterward he was possibly going to give us a tour of the church, and on our way up the stairs I saw various insects and small reptiles.

While I was crossing over some rails something bit me on one of my arms, an insect I assumed, when I looked at my arm I saw a caterpillar / worm / maggot-like insect burrowing into my arm, it was almost all the way inside my arm already to my shock and horror, but I woke up probably from the panic starting as I was about to try to get it out of my arm after I asked TE who is a nurse about what we should do.

Dream 2

This dream was definitely inspired by me watching a comedy deepfake YouTube video called Computing Expert Examines Legitimacy Of Viral Trump Interview Video | Sassy Justice With Fred Sassy by the YouTube channel Sassy Justice before I went to sleep last night (does Louise ‘Lou’ Xiang look familiar 😉 ? ):

All that I can remember of this dream is that a woman who looked like a younger Julie Andrews arrived at my parents house to give remodeling and decorating advice, she probably had a film crew with her like this was part of one of a TV show, and so there was a chance that we would be on an episode of her TV show I assume.

My parents let her inside as she toured the house asking questions and giving advice, she asked questions about how much we were willing to spend and what were our goals and requirements for each room and for the outside of the house et cetera, and at the end we would all decide on what to do before moving on to her and her team helping us accomplish our goals for the inside and the outside of the house.

I woke up before we finished the planning phase.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day in either Russia or a country with close ties with Russia (maybe a country in The Middle East) whose soldiers and militias and / or terrorist groups used only Russian weapons who were not on friendly terms with The United States, for some reason Rudy Giuliani was at one of their military bases for a visit or something, and I was with a small team of American soldiers wearing combat uniforms with full combat armor with assault rifles who arrived by helicopter on the other side of the mountains to escort Mr. Giuliani to the evac (evacuation site) where the helicopter that dropped us off would pick him up at.

I am not sure if I was a soldier or just part of a security team or what I was, I probably did not have all the armor and gear that the soldiers had and maybe I did not even have a military combat uniform, but I am not sure; and we walked through a trail between the mountains.

We were walking to a hangar-like building or a building with a hangar / warehouse connected to the back of it at their small military base, on the left side was an entrance that we were walking toward, in the middle of this side of the building was a stairway, and to the right at the back was the back hangar / warehouse-like area that was open.

We were not expecting any trouble from their military even though this country did not seem to be on friendly terms with The United States, and we were there just in case it seemed; and our bigger concern was the militias and / or terrorist groups in this country possibly attacking us.

When we were approaching the building we were suddenly ambushed by their military who had AKs, our only cover was the side of the building and the stairway, and so we fought our way there.

Unfortunately my gun was a BB gun rifle, somehow I was the only person who did not have a real gun, but I kept using it anyway hoping that the enemy would not realize this; and so there I was in a shootout with a BB gun against enemy soldiers with AKs who had us outnumbered at their military base.

The situation was bad but we managed to push them back inside the military base, they started heading to the back to flank us forcing us to not take cover inside the building, and I ran back with another soldier to try to stop them from flanking us.

The stairwell was what helped save us because it gave us the high ground with some cover, we managed to slow down their flanking attempt, but then the situation got worse as militia and / or terrorist group members started coming from the trail that went through the mountains to help the enemy soldiers.

Fortunately the militia and / or terrorist group members only had very old rough Russian rifles that were mostly unknown to me except maybe a few SKSs, they had us even more outnumbered now, they were trying to surround us, and we were low on ammunition and I still only had a BB gun; and so the situation was so bad that we were close to losing.

I assumed that Mr. Giuliani was a hostage now and that they hoped to kill the soldiers and I, but right when the situation looked almost lost they stopped the attack.

Someone from inside the building called off the attack, they told us that Mr. Giuliani was safe and that we could enter the building to get him, and the enemy soldiers and militia and / or terrorist group members started walking to the other side of the mountains to celebrate and / or do something else.

We entered the building and we found Mr. Giuliani in a room with a government official or head of security or intelligence agent who was a man with light-color skin wearing a suit who seemed to be in charge of this operation, Mr. Giuliani was acting like he had not heard the battle / shootout that we had, to him everything was okay, and he was not ready to leave yet as we told him that we needed to leave now.

Mr. Giuliani refused to leave yet, he assured us that everything was okay, that he wanted to do something before we leave, and I remember him and the head official standing near the windows and wall facing the area where our shootout took place.

Mr. Giuliani was happy, the head official seemed neutral, and the soldiers and I were on edge and ready to get out; and we tried to get the head official to convince Mr. Giuliani to let us get him to the evac site now.

Suddenly the sounds of celebration or whatever from the other side of the mountains stopped, one of the soldiers and I immediately felt and said that something was not right, and then the room got shot up as the soldiers and I yelled get down now.

They had tricked us again, it was another ambush, and this time the situation was even worse.

Mr. Giuliani got shot almost immediately and then the head official, they were to my right, I was the closest to them, and their heads exploded almost like in this scene from the TV show The Boys (Season 2) when they got shot up:

The soldiers and I took cover in the hallway until the gunfire stopped, one of the soldiers and I put Mr. Giuliani’s dead body and the head official’s body on our shoulders to carry them to the evac site as we try to fight our way there (no man left behind), and we went out the back hanger / warehouse exit.

I remember trying to find a real gun on the ground, I found some old Russian rifles without ammunition, I did find one old unknown World War II-looking Russian rifle with a strangely curved magazine that I did not know how to attach, and so I had to leave it and keep going using my BB gun as we tried to fight our way to a safe enough space to call in the situation and to call for the helicopter to pick us up and / or to give us some air support et cetera.

I woke up as we fought our way down a hill toward the mountains.

The end,

-John Jr

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