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Dream 1

A forgotten part of this dream involved me working at The BP Library and interacting with some of my coworkers, and later in the dream I was part of a Joe Rogan film shoot (I am not sure what we were filming) that was taking place near a motel during the day.

At some point I was carrying maybe a spray bottle of some kind of cleaner in one hand and something else in my other hand as I walked by and / or through the motel, a female employee of the motel with light-color skin saw me walking by, and for some unknown reason she called the front desk of the motel to report me.

She told them that a drunk possibly crazy man holding a spray bottle was walking by, I have no idea why she thought this, up ahead walking in my direction was Joe Rogan.

Mr. Rogan was going to intercept the woman to stop her from calling the police, he was going to tell her that I was not drunk or crazy, that I had only been walking by, et cetera.

As we were walking by each other we almost greeted each other with a fist bump, but we did not because we did not want the woman to know that we knew each other.

I then walked toward a van that was parked by the street at the entrance of the driveway that leads to the boat port of The E House, the van belonged to Joe Rogan and his film crew, and I wanted to walk inside The E House to take a break or something.

Inside the van was an overweight man with light-color skin sitting and leaning back in the driver’s seat who was the driver / security guard, in the middle or back seat was Shaquille O’Neal who was taking a break from the film shoot (he was part of it), and I greeted them.

I asked our driver / security guard if it was okay for me to walk inside The E House, he was over security and needed to know where everyone was, he said yes and that I could go without him going there with me, he was the laid back and relaxed and lazy type, and he seemed to think that everything was safe and that he did not really need to worry about any security threats.

As I walked past them I was surprised and confused to see the automobile of my female coworker JB parked in front of the gate of The E House that leads to the boat port, I then assumed that maybe she parked there, and then maybe she walked to work or she walked to meet some of our coworkers somewhere else.

It made no sense for her to be here or inside The E House because she should not even know about it or who it was for, she has never been there, it is abandoned, it belongs to my mom’s side of the family, et cetera; and so I did not expect her to be inside the house, but just in case I knocked on the door before entering the house.

To my shock / surprise when I opened the door JB was sitting on the floor possibly listening to something on her mobile phone or on the TV in the living room, she was chewing something like she was finishing a snack during her lunch break or something, and I said: “Hey! So you are here.”.

JB started to get up like she was going to leave magically as I was getting there (which I thought was a strange coincidence, and I wondered what were the chances that kind of timing), she said that it was time for her to go as she continued getting up and starting to walk toward the door, and I asked her: how she was, what she had been working on today at work, and was there anything she wanted to talk about before she leaves.

JB was still walking toward the door not looking in my direction as I quickly told her one sentence or so about a dream that I had told to someone earlier in a forgotten part of the dream, and then she told me that she still had some measuring and other things to do involving getting things ready for the Halloween event at The BP Library on Friday as she was still walking and opening the door to leave.

I woke up as she was leaving outside.

Dream 2

After almost four hours of sleep I woke up from the previous dream to use the bathroom, but I could not really go back to sleep after that; and so I spent the last four hours trying to go back to sleep.

I am counting this as a dream, it was possibly a semi-dream that I had in the four hours of trying to go back to sleep, and it involved me being at work at a fictional version of The BP Library.

I remember walking out of a room to see my female coworker JB standing against a wall talking to an unknown woman with light-color skin with maybe blond hair who was possibly sitting on the floor who I assumed was possibly a new coworker, and I greeted them.

JB looked slightly different and she acted slightly different, I remember her talking about how some people underestimate her or something like that, and then a little boy walked over to us.

Oddly the boy had what looked like the head / face of a man on a small boy’s body, it was weird, JB did not seem to notice or care, and she smiled as she greeted the boy like she was very happy to see a child.

The boy reached his hand up to me like he wanted me to give him a high five, so I did, and I said something positive to him; he either walked away smiling or JB continued talking with him.

I then either had a daydream or this really happened in the dream, I am not sure which, but I remember the boyfriend or ex-boyfriend of the woman who was talking to JB when I greeted them walking over angrily to attack the woman but I stopped him.

I took him down to the ground and I held him down with a lock or submission hold or with my weight as I lectured him, but that is all that I can remember of this dream or semi-dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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