An Angry Man With Superpowers | A Joe Biden Campaign Question

Dream 1

Part of this dream involved a political election, and the end of this dream involved a fictional man with light-color skin who I possibly knew who had superpowers.

He got angry for some reason and he started attacking people at a building, and so I tried to stop him; and we ended up fighting.

He had superpowers so I remember keeping my distance and I shot him with lasers, but I can not remember if I was using one or more laser weapons or laser guns or if I somehow had the power to shoot lasers somehow.

The lasers could hurt him but he had the power to heal and his body was adapting to the damage it seemed, I remember his body turning increasingly red while his skin started to harden making him increasingly more resistant to the lasers, and his body was somewhat deforming as he grew bigger and bigger until he was giant.

At this point the lasers were probably not hurting him much at all, I took cover as he was about to try to punch where I had been, and I took cover on the side of my parents house where the automobiles were.

Unfortunately I forgot that my mom and my brothers who were kids again were in the yard where he was about to punch, since he was giant now and had super powers, his punch was so powerful it was like a bomb or earthquake or something when he punched the yard.

I feared that my mom and brothers were dead, I looked around the corner to see that they were alive, I wanted to attack the man, but he was walking away like he assumed that he had killed me; and so I stayed hidden to wait for him to leave so that I would not put my family in more danger, and I probably could not defeat him anyway.

My brother TDC was injured though, his leg was possibly hurt, and he was on the ground crying; and I wanted to go help him, but I needed to wait for the man to finish walking away.

I woke up when he was far enough away and as I was running to check on my family.

Dream 2

This dream involved someone who was either a Joe Biden supporter or who was a member of the Democratic Party or who was a member of a left-wing political party or who was also a political candidate in some other political race or something like that who asked Joe Biden and / or his campaign some legitimate questions.

This person noticed that Joe Biden did not really seem to have a plan for certain issues that this person cared about, just some generic fluff words, and so this person wanted to know if Mr. Biden and / or his campaign had any plans or more detailed information available that they could read at their website and / or somewhere.

Joe Biden and his campaign got angry about this simple question, and this person was verbally attacked by them.

Joe Biden and his campaign and their media allies et cetera probably started to try to look up dirt on this person and attack this person’s reputation et cetera and maybe their campaign if they were part of one.

I thought that it was strange for them to react like this to a simple legitimate question, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

2 replies on “An Angry Man With Superpowers | A Joe Biden Campaign Question”

Hello True George,

I do not think that I have ever shot lasers through my eyes in a dream before sadly, it is probably something that I do not usually think about in dreams, I also think that it would be interesting to try shooting lasers from your mouth which is definitely not something that I think about especially in dreams.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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