JB & Patrons Using My Computer | Hermes & A Mortal & Another Greek God

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that I seemed to be inside a slightly fictional version of my parents house, I talked to my mom in maybe her bedroom or the living room, and then I walked to a fictional version of my old bedroom.

To my surprise and confusion my female coworker JB was in my bedroom on my computer, I greeted her confusingly, and she started asking me a question that involved needing help trying to figure out something work-related that I can not remember.


Oh Hey! It’s A Q&A 😜 | November 2020

Oh Hey! It’s A Q&A 😜 | November 2020

This was a good Q&A, and Rear Window is also my current favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie.


Humans & Vampires & Other Factions At A College

This dream took place at a college where there were humans, vampires, and other entities.

I was at this college as well, I possibly had powers, if so I was possibly not even completely human, but I can not remember.


Dave Matthews Band – Gravedigger


What Is It?

The YouTube video Gravedigger by the YouTube channel Dave Matthews Band, which is of the song Gravedigger by the Dave Matthews Band from their 2003 music album Some Devil.

Here is the description for this video:

Provided to YouTube by RCA Records Label

Gravedigger · Dave Matthews

Some Devil

℗ 2003 BMG Music

Released on: 2003-09-22

Composer, Lyricist: David J. Matthews
Percussion, Engineer, Producer: Stephen Harris
Drums: Brady Blade
Bass Guitar: Tony Hall
Electric Guitar: Tim Reynolds
Electric Guitar: Trey Anastasio
Arranger: Audrey Riley
Assistant Engineer, Engineer: Floyd Reitsma
Engineer: John Schluckebier
Engineer: Mark Branch
Strings: Seattlemusic Group
Mixing Engineer: Mark “Spike” Stent
Engineer: John Whynot
Assistant Engineer, Engineer: Brian Valentino
Engineer: Paul ‘Pdub’ Walton
Assistant Engineer: Dave Treahern
Assistant Engineer: Rob Haggett

Auto-generated by YouTube.


Flying & Alerting Security | $45 Catfish & A Super Tank & A Hacker & Liara T’Soni

Dream 1

This dream took place during the evening or night and I was with most of my family including my brother CC at a nice modern possibly multi-story apartment house or hotel or house, I am not sure if we were only temporarily staying there or if we lived there, and I remember walking around maybe trying to pick which bedroom I would use as some of my family was getting ready for bed.

The smallest bedroom was by itself in an area between the living room and / or family room and a kitchen, it only had a bed and a few other furniture items, and at some point I walked outside to maybe a balcony or on the ground below; and I was wearing a cloth face mask so I guess the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on or something.