Vomiting | Miranda Lawson & A Motorcycle Wreck | A Work Trip & KE

Dream 1

I had this dream shortly after going to sleep, in the dream I was at work at The BP Library in a fictional version of The IT Department wearing my cloth face mask like in real life, and then I noticed a female patron with medium-color skin in the hallway who seemed to need help.

I walked into the hallway to see if she needed help, she seemed lost, I asked her if she needed help, and she stopped like something was wrong like she was starting to feel sick; and while this was happening several children with medium-to-dark color skin joined her.

They started to act like they were suddenly sick as well, I asked them if they were okay, but then one of them started to vomit, then another, et cetera.

Some of the vomit hit my shoes and my pants as they were all vomiting, I felt the vomit hit me, and that caused me to wake up suddenly in the real world.

Dream 2

The forgotten parts of this dream involved the character Miranda Lawson from the video game Mass Effect 2 and I, we were possibly coworkers and / or we were close or almost close as friends or dating, and I think that I went to help her on a mission.

I assume that we were armed with pistols hidden on us, but I am not sure; and I can not remember what her mission was or what happened exactly.

I do remember that I was wearing a cloth face mask, and that I had to pull it back up several times when it slid down.

I think that we were inside a college or school walking around, something that I can not remember happened that forced us to split up, maybe I needed to distract some enemies so that she could escape or something, but I am not sure.

I do know that my brother GC joined me at this point, we reached a semi-outdoor area that was setup as a movie theater, many students et cetera were there with some on alert suspicious looking / acting police handling security, and across the street was a small seating area with a smaller screen set up to watch the movie over there completely outside during the day with no shade.

We walked through this area on our way across the street to the other seating area to sit a moment, I remember GC commenting about how the police were looking and acting suspiciously and like they were on alert ready to attack someone, and they were looking around like they were secretly looking for someone.

The screen was hard to see with the glare from the sun in this area, so you could not really see the movie in this area, and at some point a man with light-color skin who was riding by on a motorcycle got in a wreck and crashed into a nearby house across the street; and my brother GC, several men and women, and I walked across the street to see if he was okay.

A man with light-color skin lived in that house, the man on the motorcycle was inside his house injured on the floor, and the man who lived there had a very strange orangish brown dog with a completely round flat face with small mane-like oddly shaped darker fur around his neck.

The dog was friendly but it kind of creeped me and one of the women out with its strange appearance, one of the men in our group seemed to be a lawyer or something, and he told the owner that his damages should already be covered through maybe his cable company through some kind of extra fee or forgiveness that was either already paid or that he could request; and he explained the details and how to do this et cetera as we checked on the motorcycle man.

The motorcycle man was able to stand eventually, he was hurt, but not very badly; but we recommended that he go to the hospital just in case, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved me going on a work trip for The BP Library, in this dream I had false memories of having a maybe fingernail sized hole on maybe my right leg on maybe the right side near my knee, and I was not sure why it was there.

I remember us staying at a rough looking hotel, my female coworker KE was my roommate, I am not sure how many of my other coworkers were on this trip (I know that there were several, but I do not remember seeing them really), I probably was still wearing my cloth face mask, we had a hotel room on an upper floor, and there was a hole in the floor that was almost pipe-like with a hole on the right side of it down in the middle.

The room was in bad condition, at some point I remember seeing two wasps flying up the hole, but they flew into the other hole down there instead of flying into our room; and the next morning we left to another city still on our journey somewhere.

This day or the previous day we stayed at a rough-looking Super 8 Hotel, once again KE and I were in a room on an upper floor, and this time the floor and the room was in even more terrible condition with some or most of the floor having holes in it and with dry rotted orange plastic as some of the flooring.

I remember it being morning, I noticed that the hole in my leg was much bigger now, so much so that it was scary and I was worried, and I wanted to go to the hospital once we got packed to leave.

I then noticed two wasps flying up a hole again, this time they were what I call fire wasps (they are like more aggressive common wasps but are orange), and this time one of them flew into the room and then outside.

I told KE about this as I started to notice and show her how terrible the floor was, and then I fell through the floor outside through some of the dry rotted orange plastic flooring.

Fortunately we were only on the second floor so I was okay and I landed on my feet, I then saw how terrible the floor to our room was, and I told KE to climb down to see it so she did.

Behind us was a field with a tree in the middle of it, it looked nice, and so we walked to it for a better look of our terrible hotel room.

We could not believe how terrible and unsafe our hotel room was or how this hotel was legally still open and charging people to stay there, we were going to tell the others and whoever was over our work trip (probably Ms. EC), and we were going to see if they could get their money back and report this to the government / police / our lawyer / whoever.

But I woke up as we talked about this and the hole in my leg.

The end,

-John Jr

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