Hotel Hot Tub(s)

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the evening or night, and I was with all of my family at a multi-story hotel; and my brothers were a little bit younger than they are now.

I remember walking back to our room or one of our rooms on an upper floor, in one of the rooms I noticed a ladder that led to the balcony, and my brother TDC climbed up the ladder and I followed him.

On the balcony was a small hot tub and a small swimming pool or two hot tubs, our brother CC was there with a female friend with light-color skin, CC told TDC that they were using the hot tub / swimming pool right now, and so TDC was going to have to leave; and I climbed down another ladder that went down near the parking lot.

I saw that other hotel rooms on the upper floor also had hot tubs and maybe small swimming pools on balconies with ladders leading down to near the parking lot, and some other people were outside using theirs as well.

I walked across the parking lot that eventually looked like the parking lot of the shopping center in the city of D near W Park, I saw one of my fictional brothers who had light-color skin inside my automobile trying to pull a very large camper or RV or something into a position near the end of the parking lot where he could drive out easily when it was time for us to go in the morning, and I walked over to help him.

He parked it by himself just as I got there, I complemented him on the good parking skills, but then I woke up as we talked.

The end,

-John Jr

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