Europe & Loona Luxx & A Whisper | A College Football Fight

Brawl erupts during 2018 Egg Bowl | College Football Highlights

Dream 1

This dream took place during a nice day in another country, maybe France or somewhere in The United Kingdom or somewhere else in Europe, during the COVID-19 pandemic because I was wearing my navy Old Navy cloth face mask during the dream.

I remember walking around sidewalks, by buildings, through a college, and I saw some of my former classmates and maybe my female coworker CP during my journey walking around this country.

At some point I reached an old historic neighborhood with sidewalks and nice old large houses, the families who owned the houses after they were passed down to them were struggling financially to upkeep the historic houses, and to raise money they were renting out rooms in their houses.

Most or all of the owners were women with light-color skin, they seemed to have some kind of special setup with the government or something because you had to get a special permit or permission or something like that if you wanted to rent a room for a longer period of time; but maybe you did not need that if you were only renting for a few days or a week or so during vacation as a tourist.

I saw some of the owners greeting people and showing them around, maybe they also made money from tours of the neighborhood and houses, and then I walked to a nice area with various buildings with shops and other things inside of them along the sidewalks.

At some point I noticed some people in one of the buildings, there was a lot of glass windows and walls and doors for most of these buildings that allowed you to see inside them from the outside, and so I walked into the building which was just a room of adults in what seemed to be a college classroom having a class.

The teacher or professor was maybe a well-dressed man with medium or dark-color skin wearing glasses, among the assumed students was Loona Luxx wearing normal clothing and looking thinner and more normal, and so maybe this country was France.

Loona was near the entrance, I wanted to say something to her but I did not want to interrupt the class, and I walked across the other side of the room to the corner to stand there listening to the class.

While I listened to the class my face mask fell off at least five times or more without me noticing each time, this room had no windows that could open or anything and it was full of people, each time that my mask fell off I would notice it later on the floor, I would dust it off and put it back on, but then later I would see it on the floor again.

I was not sure how my mask kept falling off without me noticing each time, so I was not sure how long my mask was off each time, which was not good when you are in a crowded room with no air circulation during a pandemic.

My mask falling off constantly did not make sense because my Old Navy face masks are the only masks that I have that have adjustable earloops that you can adjust to fit your face and to keep them secured.

The class was good, I can not remember what it was about, but it was interesting to listen to.

After the class was over I was possibly going to say something to Loona if I had a chance, she was one of the first people to leave outside, and so she was gone by the time I got outside.

I saw several people standing outside when I walked outside, one of them was a man who looked like my former male classmate EB, and then I heard what sounded like a voice whisper my name or something which confused me.

The voice, the angle that it came from, et cetera made it sound almost like I was either hallucinating or someone was throwing their voice or like a ghost / spirit was whispering or that I just misheard another sound.

I asked the EB-like man if he had whispered something to me, he said no, but then two people behind him who possibly knew me started laughing.

I started asking them if they had made the whisper, and I asked them how did they throw their voice like that to make it sound like it came from a different direction and very close to me.

I woke up as we talked and joked about this.

Dream 2

This dream involved me watching a college football game on TV or something, maybe one of the teams was the Lamar Cardinals football team, but I am not sure; and during the dream I assumed that the COVID-19 pandemic was still going on.

During the game there was an incident that happened when a tackle happened between three players, two on the same team, and the other on the other team.

One of the players on the opposite team kicked one of the players while he was still on the ground, I am not sure if the referee noticed or not, but it was a nasty dangerous move.

An even worse incident happened shortly after, once again involving three players after a tackle, this time a player on the opposite team kicked the tackled player in the face when he stood up which knocked him back on the ground, and his teammate went to his aid; and other teammate pushed the player who kicked him.

The referee definitely saw this, the two male announcers started talking about how disgusting that move was et cetera, and both teams started to fight each other.

It seemed that tensions had been high the entire game, I assumed that the pandemic was part of the reason or most of the reason for the high tensions, but I woke up as they tried to get the huge brawl under control.

The end,

  • John Jr

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