A Super Fast Mountain Lion | Throwing Dirt

Dream 1

In this dream my brother GC and I were walking around outside during a gray day near where the C Elementary School should be, we saw some children and one or more adults outside in this area, and at some point we got split up.

A young woman invited me to her house or a building, I went there and another young woman arrived among other young people, we talked as we sat on the floor, and the young woman who invited me talked about her art.

She said that her art involved opening up and letting out your true feelings, and that she used a certain program to make her art in.

I asked her which program did she use, and she said: “Chrome.”.

She was not sure if it was a browser extension or website or a browser or what it was exactly, and then there was a Jonathan Taylor Thomas-like young man there; and I forgot to mention that a female teacher with light-color skin was in the background watching the young people.

At some point my pants started to fall a bit, I then realized that I had a diaper on, and so I went to the bathroom to investigate and pull up my pants.

I was confused and embarrassed by the diaper, I did not want anyone to see it and I hoped to remove it when I got in the bathroom, but when I got in the bathroom someone was in there so I was only able to pull up and tighten my pants where no one could see it.

I decided to leave, but first I thanked the young woman for inviting me before I left.

Next I remember walking outside during the evening or night maybe past a fictional trail or area on the way past the McDonald’s in the city of D, I saw a mountain lion (cougar), and so I got ready just in case I needed to dodge or run or fight it.

I started to jog a bit to create some space, but then it ran at me at speeds that I did not know were possible for an animal to run (super fast); but it ran past me like it was going to attack a nearby squirrel, but it ran past it too to my surprise.

I continued jogging, ahead was a dog who saw me running, it seemed to think that I was running toward it, and so it slowly backed up and under the space below a nearby warehouse to hide from me.

I ran by, I then imagined that the dog probably felt like me when I had thought that the mountain lion was running at me, this made me laugh, and then I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear, I remember something involving counting and someone using soap or something else to be used to count time and / or to count something else, and the next thing that I remember is being outside in my parents yard on the side where the dogs should be.

My male cousin ME and my female cousin TE, who are brother and sister, were in the yard as well.

ME started to pick up some dirt and throw it, TE started doing the same, and they were smiling and laughing and having fun like kids again.

The last thing that I remember is being at work at The BP Library, I needed to urinate, and so I was inside a fictional bathroom; but I was not urinating yet.

I heard my coworker Mr. CF talking to a male patron outside the door, then Mr. CF opened the door without knocking not realizing that I was in there, he then told the patron that someone was using the bathroom right now, and maybe he walked with him to find another bathroom.

It seemed that I was inside a fictional version of the children’s bathroom that stays locked and requires a key to use, I am not sure if I used the bathroom or not, I just remember leaving the bathroom.

I saw some of my female coworkers like MA, DC, and JB; and JB was helping a patron at the printer, and then I went to help a patron.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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