An Investigation | Officer Points-A-Lot

Dream 1

This was a longer more detailed dream, but I only remember some of the end of the dream now.

Part of this dream was probably inspired by me watching some Mass Effect 3 let’s play videos from a playlist called Mr. Odd Plays Mass Effect 3 [BLIND] last night.

One part of the dream involved an outdoor diner-like restaurant during the day that I went to, it was crowded, and I remember having to wait.

The next thing that I remember is that I was possibly a Commander Shepard-like man and there was at least one Liara T’Soni-like woman with me who was secretly The Shadow Broker, there may have been one or more people with us earlier, but I can not remember.

We were trying to solve / deal with a mystery so we were investigating following a trail of clues, and our focus was a woman who was an artist among other things who was attending a college and who had an apartment on an upper floor that one of her female college professors was paying for.

The woman probably used that apartment for some of her art et cetera and for parties, and maybe she slept mostly at a college dorm or somewhere else.

The woman who we were investigating and / or another woman who was following her and / or investigating her as well, had connections with various people and organizations and maybe governments, and we hoped she would be the key to figure out who was all involved in this mystery.

I remember us following a woman who sneaked into the apartment that the woman would use sometimes, we were not sure if she was there to steal something or plant something or if she was looking for clues or what she was there for, and after she left we sneaked inside the apartment to investigate.

At some point the female professor who pays the rent for this apartment entered the apartment looking for the woman who was her student, she saw us, we tried to act like some people who had stayed the night after a party, we told her that the woman was not here, et cetera.

As we were talking a man with medium or dark-color skin who knew the woman entered the apartment, he would often come to her parties, we told him that she was not here, and we got him talking about the last party trying to make it seemed like we had been there.

Our strategy was working until a police woman or detective with medium-color skin and maybe a male government agent with light-color skin wearing a suit showed up, they seemed to be on the same investigation as us, and they interrogated / questioned us separately except they talked to the Liara T’Soni-like woman and I together.

The male government agent was the one who saw through our trick, and so we had to tell him that we were investigating this case as well; and we started to share what we knew, but he interrupted us saying that he suspected that the woman with me was The Shadow Broker.

He wanted to arrest her, I told him that I thought that they said that The Shadow Broker had been a man, which was true, he was a man, but he had been killed and replaced recently with the woman with me being the new Shadow Broker; but I did not reveal this, I did not lie, I just chose my words carefully focusing on the past tense.

I defended the woman trying to convince them to not arrest her, it was not working, the woman told me that it would be okay, she was going to let them arrest her, and it seemed that she was trying to signal to me that she would be a distraction to them while I finish investigating and that she felt that her lawyer(s) would get her out soon.

But I woke up before they arrested her.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, I was outside a fictional smaller house or mobile home that my family and I lived in, and I think that it was to the right of where The Abandoned House should be.

An ambulance and then a police vehicle pulled up on the street and parked, I could not see through the bushes well enough, but the ambulance seemed to be there for a medical situation involving a thin somewhat short somewhat older man with light-color skin with long orangish / brownish hair wearing a bandanna who seemed to be doing yard or construction work outside in another yard.

A male police officer with light-color skin started talking aggressively to the man for no clear reason, he was probably roughing him up a bit for no reason, and then I saw that the police officer had his gun out for no reason.

The man was no threat, he was not arguing back, et cetera.

The police officer was aggressive and acted like he wanted to shoot someone, he was a bit jumpy even though it seemed that this was just a situation that the ambulance was there to handle, and so I decided to walk inside the house to avoid the situation because I knew that I would be at risk as well if the police officer saw me.

I probably heard the man expressing confusion of why the police officer was there, why was he treating him like this, and that he had probably called emergency services because he needed help with a medical situation and he needed to go to the hospital to make sure that he was okay.

The man said that he was simply working in the yard outside as part of a job before this happened, that he had not done anything wrong, et cetera.

The police officer probably saw me as I walked into the house as he was probably handcuffing the man for no clear reason, when I closed the door I looked out the window, and I saw that the police officer was pointing his gun at our door and window and house looking around like he was looking for a reason to shoot all dramatically like he was under attack or something.

My mom and one of my brothers were in the living room with me, I told them to get down and stay away from the windows and door, and why.

The next thing was possibly a daydream inside the dream, but I am not sure.

I just remember walking to my room to check my computer to see if our fictional security cameras were able to record what was happening, and I was going to send copies to several locations and / or people just in case.

I was going to have a partial copy to give to the police officer in case he came to try to get us to destroy the evidence or if he tried to destroy the evidence, hoping that he would not take / destroy our cameras et cetera.

I went over various possible scenarios if the police officer came to our door, I thought of various ways to handle those situations to avoid any of us getting killed or hurt or arrested while saving the video where he could not destroy it, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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