A Class & Olga Kay Is Pregnant?


All that I can remember of this dream is that I was in college again and I was in a college classroom in maybe a math class, our professor or teacher was a woman with light-color skin, and I had not been to this class in at least a month.

The reason that I had not been to this class in so long was that I had planned on dropping it, I had recently changed my mind, and so now I had returned to the class.

I had no idea how much I had missed so I was hoping to find out and try to catch up, and some of my former classmates were possibly there like my former male classmates AP and AJ.

I remember having maybe my class schedule and / or syllabus and / or notes from the previous few times that I did attend this class, I can not remember the details of this dream other than the class ending at some point before I could talk to the teacher probably.

I probably talked to some of my former classmates, they probably told me not to worry and that I had not missed much, and then I went to a bathroom that was inside this classroom oddly.

The bathroom had a changing room, and I changed clothes I think.

When I walked out of the bathroom my teacher was gone, a new professor who was a woman with dark-color skin with black hair for another class was in the classroom now, and her students were arriving for her class.

Olga Kay entered the room looking like she was pregnant, I remember her stopping to talk to me and several other people, and she told us that an entity or creature had approached her about holding something for it or him that would grow inside of her; and it or he would take it out when the time came.

Somehow it or he convinced her to accept its or his offer, that is why she looked pregnant, and she did not know how he was going to take it out and various other details about what it was exactly et cetera.

Olga said that she did not think that she was pregnant exactly, but to us it seemed to meet the definition of pregnant; and so we assumed that it or he managed to trick her into carrying its or his baby or someone’s baby.

Olga possibly started to think that we might be correct and maybe she started to worry, I could be wrong though, and we probably suggested that she go to the hospital to get checked to see if they could figure out what was inside of her et cetera.

The professor overheard us talking and she offered to give Olga, several other students, and I a ride somewhere; but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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