A Reoccurring Lucid Dream | A Wrong Turn & British Interview

Dream 1

Unfortunately I can only remember part of the end of this lucid dream, which felt more like a semi-lucid dream, and in the lucid dream I was describing what I assume were my false memories of a reoccurring dream to some of the dream characters like my former male classmates JB and MT and several other people.

We were inside a small building in a field to the right of a street during the evening, I described the various versions of this reoccurring dream, the similarities, and how there were minor differences between them.

In these false memories the reoccurring dream always involved an attack on a college event that was currently taking place nearby, the attack was probably always or almost always started by a man or young man with light-color skin who would usually have a gun, and he would start shooting people.

The man or young man’s appearance et cetera would change in each version except that he always had light-color skin, he was always disgruntled, usually he was angry and sad about a woman or women either breaking up with him or refusing to date him or divorcing him et cetera.

He would usually use a rifle or pistol, it varied, I knew about when he would attack each time, but not the exact time; but I could sense when it was close.

I am not sure if I planned on trying to stop him this time or not or if I just wanted to prove to them that what I was saying was true or if I just planned on walking through that area just in time to avoid the attack, either way, at some point we walked to the college nearby.

The event was going on outside and maybe partly inside like I had predicted, we walked around and the others got caught up in the event, and I walked to an area where a male college soccer team and cheerleaders were practicing.

I remember walking into a nice modern / futuristic / artistic building with a nice combination of glass structures and windows and plants et cetera, I remember getting distracted by this nice place, and then I remembered that we needed to get moving before the attack starts.

I warned the others but they wanted to keep having fun at the event, especially my former male classmate JB, they wanted to stay a bit longer, and I continued trying to warn them.

While doing this I sensed that the attack was about to start, I possibly saw a young man or man with light-color skin with maybe orange hair who looked disgruntled approaching the event wearing maybe an olive-color military jacket, and I assumed that it was him.

I told the others and we started walking to the left, he was approaching from the right, and then we possibly heard gunshots and / or screams and panic as people ran for their lives.

Then something very strange happened where I possibly saw a flash of light to my right and it sounded like the action was moving impossibly fast in our direction where we could not avoid it, I did not look, but I heard a scary deeper demonic sounding male voice saying something and laughing as I assumed that he killed people as he quickly made his way in our direction.

I was not sure if he transformed, got possessed, if some entity joined his attack, or if he had powers; this version of attack had not happened before, so this caught me by surprise, we had waited too long to leave like I had expected though.

I did not bother to look because he was moving too fast, he would cut us off, and so I told the others to head back through the building to find an exit on the right side.

We ran inside with other fleeing people, he sounded too close and fast for us to continue right, and so I had them continue left and further inside the building.

I then heard him so close and fast behind me that I panicked, I tried to fly, I had no time to focus or power up, and so I just ran and jumped in the air trying to gain some height.

I did not turn around but it sounded like he was flying too and moving fast, better and faster than me, the ceiling was not tall enough and I was not fast enough, and so I sensed that I was trapped.

I did not have time to focus to fly good or high or fast enough, I did not have time to think about or power up to use any other powers, and so I was going to land to run or turn to face him finally because I was not even sure what I was running from yet.

I heard him speaking and laughing with his demonic-like voice behind me, but I either woke myself up or I accidentally woke myself up because the situation seemed hopeless and I was not ready to deal with it and I knew that it was a dream (at least partly).

So I woke up without ever getting to see him or it, I did not get to fight him or it, and I did not get to use my other dream powers.

We were not prepared at all, which is strange because while I did not expect this version of attack, I knew that there would be one and about when and I had already told those with me, and so you would think that I would have prepared myself to fight and had some weapons and armor and possibly summoned some guards or something.

I also find it strange that I did not try to control the dream at all the entire time et cetera, I treated it like a normal dream mostly, even though I seemed to somewhat know that it was a dream as I described the previous versions of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream started during the evening or night in maybe a slightly fictional version of the city of D, I was driving, and I accidentally took a wrong turn down a rough road that was pretty quiet and looked somewhat like it was in the countryside.

I then realized that I was driving too fast and that I needed to turn around, but I had to find a place to turn around in first.

I found a spot to turn around, this is where something confusing happened, where the dream jumped to a British interview that was taking place in either this area or an area similar to it to my right in a field with a small tower.

A British man with light-color skin was interviewing a British young woman or girl with light-color skin on the upper floor of the small tower, the young woman or girl was describing something about a classmate I think, it sounded like a conspiracy theory.

The man then asked her why she thought that and what was the source of her information, she then started to describe what was just her feelings and assumptions and her own seemingly crazy convoluted thoughts / ideas / conspiracy theories / et cetera, and she seemed mentally unstable.

The man then asked her if she had a mental illness or something like that because she sounded crazy et cetera, he clearly did not take her seriously anymore and was ending the interview, but I can not remember what the young woman or girl’s response was.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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